China amazed the world in a new tank, rusted from the inside

China surprised the world with a new tank, rusted from the inside

Chinese television showed the plot of the latest modification of the export of Chinese tanks MBT-2000 (VT-1A). Painted light color for the arrival of TV war machine was shown in motion. Also, the reporter was allowed to show the inside of the tank.
Outside tank different in the best possible way from the version MBT-2000, which was offered, for example, Peru. Earlier dynamic defense tower was razmeshena very irrationally, that at this time the tank is covered pretty well. Structurally, the designers reworked the cover flap of the driver is now installed monitoring devices specifically for her. Again felt the impact of Russian tank school. The fact that such a decision has already been used on one of the most experienced Russian tanks in the early 90's.

China surprised the world with a new tank, rusted from the inside

As such, the mW-2000 offered for sale in Peru

Outside the chassis remains the same — an old type track rollers like the ones that are at the Nizhny Tagil T-72. Armament remained the same — a clone of Russian 125-mm gun, which is paired with a 7.62 mm machine gun-type "86". As an anti-aircraft gun mounted 12.7 mm W-85. Feed towers covered by ordinary protivokumulyativnymi bars.

Inside the machine full of electronics. In the driver is an electric scoreboard, which displays all the readings. Levers to change the wheel, however, its design is not fully obmyslena, and in some criteria, it will simply not safe for the hands of the driver.

In the office vending machine control gear, which theoretically should facilitate the work of the driver.

In the fighting compartment visible displays tank information management system. Earlier TIUS installed only on the latest version of the Chinese Type 99 tanks, which in small quantities are purchased only for the PLA and is not intended for implementation over the limit.

In Chinese novelty is most striking, but not wealth electronics, and the fact that the presented new tank from the inside already rusted in almost all places. It is possible to see and photographic materials, and video. Forgotten to protect the metal from corrosion. And it is not shameful to be in such a form to show the latest machine.

With this approach, the Chinese can count on the success of sales, only if one tank will be offered at dumping prices.

China surprised the world with a new tank, rusted from the inside

New electronics and armor covered with rust — looks like this new Chinese tank inside

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