China and the U.S. ran into a reef

Suspiciously often have to go out on the first plan of communication between states territorial issues, developing into frank mutual claims. In this case, a sufficient number of these issues appears nebezotnositelno to China. Now, perhaps, there is no such country in South-East Asia, which China would not conflicted in terms of territorial misunderstandings. In the middle of the other can be called Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan, Brunei, Malaysia. But in the near future the situation escalated to a maximum of relations between China and the Philippines. Cost is an issue, it would seem so small, it was wrong because it venturing heavy political (yet — political) debate.

China and the U.S. ran into a reef

The fact that both China and the Philippines evince unsettled territorial claims on a piece of land, located in the South China Sea, 230 kilometers from the Philippine island of Luzon. This piece has a title Scarborough Reef (on the international charts) and the island Hongyan (on maps of China). Chinese authorities claim that Hongyan — eternally Chinese naval possession, because back in the old treatises preserved materials that came here to fish for Chinese fishermen in the 13th century. In addition, the Chinese lead outright several contracts from the late 19th — early 20th century, in which the Philippines on the peninsula do not have the rights (ie, referred to as the US-British Agreement of 1930 by which the Philippine waters is limited to the 118th longitude, and Hongyan, so Makarov, a Philippine land has no work). Philippine authorities also do not think so and claim that if Scarborough is located 230 km from the coast of Luzon, then at international canons specifically lures have every reason to believe this piece of land his own.

The problem would not have looked so hot, if not a "but." For the Philippines is the leading global policeman which their right to be considered the main "reshalschikom" all territorial questions in this vicious world … In 1951, between Manila and Washington signed an agreement that the United States will be willing to provide military assistance to Filipinos in the event that any government would encroach on their area . Since then much water has flowed, China has turned into one of strongest countries of both economic and military terms, that, for natural reasons, can not guard whitewashed house. After all, the joke we say if the Chinese fishermen and then continue to fish for fish near Scarborough (Hongyan), South American forces would have to support the Philippine army top brass which now claim that they are ready to put on China aggressor military blow. It is, of course, Filipinos, having at hand the very contract with the United States by 1951, maybe would behave in a much quieter, but now lures indirectly Washington says: "In for a penny — climb …"

And what is the position in this matter occupy the United States itself. After the meeting of Filipino managers with Hillary Clinton and Leon Panetta revealed that Americans somehow do not burning desire to stimulate a huge war in the Pacific. As if all obligations have been proved only Filipinos asked again to "carefully study the situation" and "clarify" who exactly is this belongs to the most Scarborough (Hongyan). Of course! .. Neuzh that Filipinos really have decided that at this point Washington will send its own fleet, to show that the Chinese, where the South China Sea, "what's what." Apparently, the lure does not account for the fact that between the U.S. and China trade turnover smoothly now approaching the mark of half a trillion dollars a year … And with such a turnover, and besides, though China Now is naikrupneyshim holder and buyer for U.S. debt to contrive a military adventure over some uninhabited reef — just stupid.

China and the U.S. ran into a reef

But it is too otfutbolivat Filipinos U.S. authorities did not. As an incentive, held during the second half of April, close to that of most reef Scarborough joint exercises — say, China, are you more careful, as we Filipinos keep under control … And China is also under the chaise lounge clog did not, and set up his game in the muscles of yellowish sea, and besides, with the involvement of Russian ships and naval aviation. Apparently, in China, too, decided to show that the United States needs to be more flexible in this regard, as global geopolitics, and besides, where we can talk about an open clash with the Chinese Dragon.

But the United States, as indicated by recent history, has never been in an open military confrontation with an opponent whose forces are not so obviously inferior to the South American. Someone calls this pragmatism, someone ordinary cowardice get the real hook.

Of course, the story of Scarborough could be one of the starting points of the recent Asia-Pacific doctrine of Washington, but to turn this naked rocky reef in the subject for the beginning of the war the Americans obviously are not going to. And the Chinese have decided not to worsen the situation and issue a ruling that, that seiners operating under flags of China, have moved away from Hongyan north. In general, the process of muscle-flexing held, either party could see the enemy, and took quite a reasonable position to withhold its own zealous horses. Only here does not uymutsya Filipinos who suddenly this very handy Scarborough like a breath of the freshest air. For more than a month on the streets of Manila are demonstrations in which the participants call on the U.S. to push China with a view to the Celestial Empire gave up claims to the reef. These demonstrations could lead to severe consequences, if any experienced stroke Beijing. The authorities simply bezotstupno recommended naikrupneyshim tourism operators do not realize China tours to the Philippines. A if take into account that Chinese tourists — is more than 9% of the Philippine tourism industry, it is now multi-million dollar losses.

In general, China has held its own as a good demonstration of military power and economic leverage, demonstrating that such a monetary system it is better to be in partnership, rather than being sluggish diplomatic war. And China itself, that joy, do not try to get up on his hind legs, if it is the policy of global containment. And on the reef Scarborough — Peninsula Hongyan and now walks the freshest breeze, which nothing and no idea about its territorial jurisdiction. Terra nullius in one word.

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