China announced its controversial peninsula town

China announced its disputed island city

Beijing has appointed a controversial peninsula in the South China Sea as part of China and has already done in his own country authorities, reported on July 24 Associated Press. Is it about the peninsula Woody (Woody Island, another name Yongxing, Yongxing), covering an area of 2.1 square kilometers.

Peninsula, which also claimed by the Philippines and Vietnam, has been a long time occupied by China. Tuesday, July 24 Peking appointed village, located on the peninsula, the Chinese city of Sansha (Sansha). Of days before the city council elected mayor of this town populated Fri, writes "Xinhua".

City Sansha became part of the southern island province of Hainan, which is located 350 kilometers north-west of the island Woody. In a brand new Chinese city lives a thousand people (in the main Chinese). The terrain is only one post office, bank, supermarket and health center, is also an airport with a runway. Drinking water in the peninsula delivered cargo plane from China.

Philippines does not recognize China supplies the town, and the Vietnamese authorities have accused Beijing of violating international law. The U.S. also condemned the "one-sided act" China Assigned islands in the South China Sea, noting that territorial disputes should be resolved diplomats of all the states concerned.

Peninsula Woody comes in the Paracel Islands. China, along with the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan claim and the other islands of the archipelago, as their coastal waters. The region is rich in fish. In addition, it is believed that this area lie minerals, including oil and gas.

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