China as the main initiator of new territorial redistribution of the world

China as the main initiator of the new territorial redistribution of the world

One of the issues of world politics — likely a new territorial division of the world? It is believed that a time of great territorial configurations in the past — they took place after the first and second world wars, the collapse of the socialist bloc and the USSR. After that, a large configuration, they say, are not possible. And such thing as a "territorial claims" and "transfer of Borders', has long been a thing of the past.

United States, received after the collapse of the USSR to the complete dominance in the world's only superpower left. Washington's policy in this respect has been contradictory: on the one hand, the U.S. encourages various separatists and nationalists in several regions within the concept of "the right of peoples to self-determination", on the other hand, the States officially supports the principle of "inviolability of frontiers." So, in 1991, was not given to Iraq, which was in the previous period, "ally" of the United States, "swallow" Kuwait. And in February 2008 recognized the independence of Kosovo.

But in the end the total destabilization of the political system of the planet caused by the collapse of Reddish project starts to affect — territorial claims more frequently heard from the lips of diplomats and politicians. So, Tokyo often raises the question of the "Northern Territories", Vietnam and China have a dispute over the Paracel Islands and Spratly archipelago, Thailand and Cambodia are satisfied with the constant firing of a piece of land on the border. Poses in front of Ukraine's territorial claims Romania. There is a dispute over the oil-bearing regions of North and South Sudan.

But perhaps the greatest fear cause complaints from neighbors of China. While the U.S. wanted the "end of history", "century of U.S. domination," living beyond their means, were two very expensive wars and paid for various adventures in different parts of the planet, China has worked and saved up capital. The most populated country planet all this time strengthen our armed forces, also expanded the scope of its own influence in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, South East Asia and Central Asia. And the Chinese are skilfully combined strategy of the U.S. and the USSR in the "conquest of the world." So, in the same Beijing Africa had access to resources, as do Western companies, and immediately became a "brother" of African countries, as Russian Alliance in its time, investing in the development of these countries and their peoples.

The most conspicuous success of China's strategy of "conquering the world":

— A successful financial expansion substantially the entire planet: the Chinese operate in Mongolia, Russia, Central Asia, fall in Afghanistan, which are economic Coming in Southeast Asia. The Western media beating the alarm, speaking of "the Chinese Africa", the successful collaboration with Iran, Pakistan and countries of the Arab world, the same Libya. Penetration in Latin America, in Venezuela the same — in 2010, one of the largest oil companies in the PRC municipal China National Offshore Oil Corp. (SNOOC) has signed an agreement to acquire 50% stake in Argentine oil and gas producer Bridas Corp. Amount of the contract is estimated at 3.1 billion. bucks. Even in Europe, and then climbed Beijing — agreements with Portugal, Belarus, etc.

Beijing municipal debts rapidly buying up not only individual companies, companies, and entire countries, including the United States. Companies in China have invested heavily in the most profitable industries in other countries, especially to motivate them: the financial sector, the extraction of minerals and real estate. China successfully making a free trade zone, they have 11, they unite 28 countries. Successfully produces its own export of labor, an example of, where seasonal work in agriculture, forestry, fisheries operating weight of Chinese.

— Constant growth of the military and high-spirited, power gallakticheskoy China, which is repeated or repeats the main achievements of the USSR in space.

— The growth areas of China: in 1997, he entered Hong Kong, the last British colony in 1999 — Portuguese colony of Macau. But it was the return of the territories previously belonging to China, the Chinese population. Later went to the countryside, to which China did not actually own the rights. In 2002, Tajikistan lost China 1 thousand square kilometers own land along the river and gold mine. Then he lost to Moscow in 2005, she transferred to China "controversial", from the standpoint of Beijing, an area with total area of 337 square kilometers. Already this year, in January 2011, Tajikistan lost another piece of its territory — has 1,122 square meters. km, which is approximately 1% of their area, and gave the land to the oil fields of rare-earth metals. So Makarov, a former Russian republic of Tajikistan has become smaller, and no one will be able to say I did not follow even more concessions. However, it can be said that Tajikistan has received loans virtually billions of dollars, but unless the land that the forefathers championed and collected with great difficulty, we can estimate the means? Chop off China and pieces from Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan, however, are not so great: China, Kazakhstan lost 407 square meters. km, and from Kyrgyzstan has left area of 12 square meters. km.

Which territorial claims may push China yet?

Beijing openly lays claim to Taiwan, in principle, it is clear — this is the Chinese territory. Another relatively recently, with the "great Mao" Chinese territorial claims against other states, China's neighbors have been based on the fact that, according to Chinese historical records, in the nineteenth century the area of the Middle Kingdom was equal to 12 million square kilometers, and at the time it seeks only 9.6 million square kilometers That's why during the 50's and 70's of the 20th century China with varying success for some fighting area with India, and the Russian Union of Vietnam annexed Tibet and Taiwan threatened by war and the land of the rising sun.

According to the modern concept of history, that the nations and countries that were formerly in the empire: a significant part of the area on the Korean Peninsula, Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Bhutan, Nepal, northern India, the Ryukyu Islands (in the current time Japanese) ground when- Middle Kingdom is populated vassal tribes: the land of Afghanistan (province Badahvan), Tajikistan (Eastern Pamir), Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia (Transbaikalia and the Far East, south to the right of Okhotsk), locality, previously owned by the former vassals China, such as part of Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

Clearly, this is not real, but what would happen if China remains the only superpower? About the value of "historical rights" in China well remember here the Russian Federation would be worth in Beijing to learn.

One thing is for sure, our eyes are the transformation of the Arab world, which threatens the emergence of new countries and the configuration of the boundaries of old times.

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