China began testing a fighter 5th generation?

China began testing a fifth generation fighter?

Several Chinese defense forum is an image of the new fighter. The picture shows a combat aircraft, details of which resemble a South American fighter 5th generation F-22 and the Russian T-50 PAK FA.

Fighter developed with the introduction of stealth technology and equip the front canards.

At the current time, defense analysts sprawled in the views as to whether the photo fake, made in the image editor, or is it really creates a situation of serious privacy Fighter 5th generation, recognizable by several symbols — J-20, J-14 or J-XX.

And raises the question of the source of the photo. It is possible that their appearance is a deliberate "leak of information", initiated by Chinese security forces since the disclosure of the hidden disk imaging in China foreseen severe punishment.

According to "Aviation Week", even if the images are real, the creation of the most experienced and even the beginning of the standard taxi tests should not be a big concern. Based on the evaluation of the implementation of similar programs in the United States and Russia, China, will need considerable time to refine the most experienced to the standard production version. For example, the South American F-22 made the first flight in 1990, and has been adopted 15 years later.

It should take into account the fact that the severe problem of the Chinese aviation industry as before remains the creation of engines for military aircraft, which are imported from abroad. Own engines, which can be used to equip the most experienced fighter reference 5th generation, currently in Beijing was absent.

At the same time, China decides to efforts to eliminate the backlog in the aeroengine. Having overcome severe technical difficulties, the company "Shenyang Engin groups" began mass creation of WS-10A engine thrust 12-13 so soon, "Chengdu Engin groups" is developing the WS-15 engine thrust exceeding 15 tons in late 2009, it was reported that China implements program from the development of the motor thrust 18 tons, which may be comparable with the power plant F135 «Pratt & Whitney," which will equip the F-35. In August 2009, "Janes" referring to Ukrainian sources said the "Motor Sich" plans to work with China to implement the creation of the program from the motor pull 15 tons

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