China began to offer for export copies of Russian air defense missile systems Buk-M2

China began to offer a copy of the export of Russian air defense missile systems "Buk-M2"China began to offer for export anti-aircraft missiles HQ-16 land-and sea-based, made on the basis of Russian air defense missile systems "Beech-M2 ", reports Strategy Page. Complexes were Chinese export designation LY-80. Crisp technical properties of the complexes are unknown so far.

Russian anti-aircraft guided missile complexes "Beech-M2E "weighing 328 kg are capable of hitting targets at ranges up to 50 km. With all of this radar station in the complex can detect targets at ranges of up to 150 km. It is possible that Chinese Complex has similar features.

Earlier, Internet blog China-Defense, dedicated to the Chinese military industry, wrote that the HQ-16 SAM is a joint Russian-Chinese development. With all of this was noted that the complexes are based on SAM "Beech-M1. "Version Chinese sea-based mines have vertical launch missiles. First such complex entered service in China in 2005 as part of the project frigate Type 054A-II.

HQ-16 sea-based launchers with 32 missiles and mines to control 4 radars MR090. Meanwhile, in China at the present time is created SAM complex HQ-17 (based on the "Book-M1B") with increased range up to 90 km of defeat. HQ-17 is the upcoming development of the project HQ-16.

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