China bought a huge batch of Russian engines for fighter aircraft

China bought a large batch of Russian engines for fighter aircraft

China since the early 2011 Year in Russia acquired a huge batch of jet engines for fighter aircraft, reports AINonline. Namely, with the "Rosoboronexport" has been contracted to supply 150 engines AL-31F, which is planned to change-of-life are the same engines in the Chinese Su-27, Su-30MKK, Su-30MK2 and copies of J-11, including modifications. These power plants will be built at the company Ufa Engine Industrial Association.

In July 2011 year China acquired a 120 jet engines AL-31FN created for installation on the J-10 fighter jets. The deal amounted to about 500 million dollars. The creation of power plants under the contract deals with NPC "Salute" and the supply of engines will end by 2013. According to the general director of "Salute" Vladislav Masalova, at the current time, China is negotiating to buy another 140 AL-31FN engines, the contract may be signed before the end of October 2011 year.

According to Masalova, the total number of engines delivered to China have already approached tysche units. For maintenance of power plants, "Salute" has concluded partnership agreements with Chinese enterprises Limin and Tyan Li, who are engaged in supplying engines to the troops, as the creation of spare parts. In addition, our homeland have gained an agreement with China on the Chinese side of the transfer document for repair and maintenance of the AL-31F and AL-31FN.

With all this "Salute" due to the growth of orders for engines from China is becoming increasingly difficult to make orders. Namely, in 2011, the rate of production is planned to see a 30-40 per cent. "Obviously, we have a very narrow and places associated with the suppliers of the metal and the individual components" — added Masalov. Taking into account the frisky pace of development of military production in China and sold by the government applets increase the combat power of the Air Force, in the future volume of orders for Russian engines could grow substantially.

In 2003, China's Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has received from the motor 54, in 2007 — 100, and in 2009 — 122. According to unconfirmed reports, the majority of the acquired engines were installed on the export version of the Chinese aircraft at the request of customers. Except AL-31FN China often buys in Russia engines RD-93 (RD-33 version for the Chinese FC-1 fighter aircraft supplied to Pakistan under the designation JF-17).

The technological level of China does not allow to produce its own aircraft engines with a long resource use. At the current time China produces for fighter J-10 and J-11, WS-10 engines and derivatives thereof. These engines are copies of the Russian AL-31, but differ from the latter the least traction and reliability, and significantly more small TBO.

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