China buys a series of Russian bombers, capable of destroying the South American ships

Chinese websites have reaffirmed that our homeland Beijing agreed to implement a series of Tu-22M3 bombers over 1.5 billion dollars.

After enlisting in the military forces of China Tu-22M3 will receive the new title "N-10".

The agreement between Russia and China has a delivery of 36 aircraft: the first batch of 12, and the second of 24 bombers.

Tu-22 will focus on the attack from the sea, and will be used for the destruction of targets with low altitude to avoid radar detection.

TU-22 — it's Russian supersonic strategic impact bomber variable-geometry wing and far radius of action. It was developed during the war and Cool comes to the number of aircraft closer to the concept of "stealth bomber." It will be upgraded by some Chinese martial systems and the increased range will act, that will allow him to be a significant threat to many modern weapon systems.

It will be even more true if you agree to our homeland also put China's long-range missiles antikorabelnye Raduga KH-22 (AS-4 «Kitchen»), in which case it may be significant changes in the strategic balance of forces in the region.

Tu-22 bombers will give China another necessary tool in achieving the goals of the strategic control of the South China Sea and the Pacific Theater, a mobile platform for launching cruise missiles, conventional and nuclear weapons in different scenarios of war in the area.

Or, in other words — will be the newest and powerful threat forces of the Navy United States in the region.

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