China calls on the United States to merge Russia

China calls Russia to unite against U.S.In a recent January issue of major Chinese propaganda newspaper "People's Daily" published a very perceptible article on the need for the creation of between Russia and China, the Eurasian alliance. The leitmotif of this article was the fact that the Middle Kingdom and the Russian Federation should be integrated more intensively to counter current threats, the main creators of the article from which the sample behold the United States to impose its will on the world.

It would seem that this is just an article in one of the mass media, which many in China, and that it is not necessary to pay great attention to the judgments of Chinese journalists. But this is not entirely true. In-1's, "People's Daily" — so called official mouthpiece of the Communist Party of China, and, in-2, with all due respect to China's freedom of speech, is rarely far away in the pages of local newspapers can meet a truly independent journalistic world .

It turns out that the article is a reflection of the vision of the situation to Chinese control, and this is, as they say, quite a different alignment.

After the article was published the world, that is called, strain. Strain and in our RF. Some here have suspected China of some provocative attempt, others embraced the essence of article as the only true way of joint development. Let's try to see the prospects for the proposed creation of a Russian-Chinese alliance with independent point of view. For consideration should look more closely at what is offered by the Chinese government through the mouth of the journalists, "People's Daily".

China proposes joint efforts to restrain the activities of the United States, directed to the pressure against the "weak" states. Beijing sees the Russian-Chinese aim is to tame the South American imperial ambitions. Another program Fri articles can be identified jointly identifying ways to address international issues with the support of the economic base and good neighborly affairs.

So, what are the prospects of the Russian Federation could spell a proposal by China, by some chance it will be implemented in practice. First, that can be fully realized, it's the return of the so-called bipolar world, which turned into a unipolar after the collapse of the Union of Russian.

Indeed, the involvement of Russian and Chinese armies in the integration process is the formation turns into a powerful unit that will become even more massive than the NATO led by the U.S.. The mere addition of Russian and Chinese military capabilities could lead to discouraging for Washington and its allies result. If the military integration of China and the Russian Federation carried out, it will be a harsh contrast to the existing "all-consuming" NATO policy.

But at the same time, the prospect of this kind of association will lead the world to the newest cool war. And here is a question of law becomes more philosophical disposition: what's better — a cool scale war, which on its own fractures often spilled red-hot magma, military conflicts, or a string of wars "hot." Some are convinced that war is cool as a result of the policy of containment — a very effective way to drive the exact scope of the Yankees, and the other has been criticized that the new girl is cool war can now take the most depraved forms, compared to which even the hapless Caribbean crisis of the early 60's can appear to be "flowers". Military philosophy … Golden Mean, usually, very hard to reach.

Possible military integration between Moscow and Beijing, for sure, will lead the West in confusion. Paranoid syndrome, which from U.S. authorities is taking place right now in regard to the "axis of evil", will get a new shape. This will lead to the modern arms race, which in this situation, in all probability, will not survive the country on either side of the "wall of East-West." After all, the South American economy is weak as ever, Russian economy is in a state of growth and adolescence often throws it in the hot and cold, the Chinese economy also can not be called stable even as it almost all the "imprisoned" in the same South American demand.

It turns out that military Union of Russia and China will benefit, if only factor out the potential U.S. trial again be the global Olympus. Americans obviously do not usvoyut messages ("message") of Moscow and Beijing that it is time to start living together and run from building nuclear forces (strategic nuclear forces) to expand capacity for mutually beneficial partnership. It's too busy playing the Americans in their exclusivity on this planet, so be aware of so trivial things …

Now it's time to cross specifically to the economic outlook for RF in the case of integration in the Eurasian Union.

If the integration takes place, it will be a new entity with a cyclopean territories and resources. With all the resources that will be in the main, be on the territory of Russia, and the main workers' hands — on the ground China. Moscow definitely have to share with China oil and gas at a fairly low price (union, after all). In response to the RF side only increase the flow of Chinese migrants who can learn and undeveloped land, and the products produced, and generally, so to speak, to fill a niche … But there is nothing new for the Russian Federation and no. After the agreement was reached that the Chinese will be able to handle the Far vacant land, this alliance has practically taken place. With the same success you can create other alliances. For instance, union with Japan, which would "explore" the rich waters off the South Kuril Islands. With the Finns can be integrated with the purpose, that they began to more thoroughly to "lift" Karelia, taking out from there in the direction of their own boundaries even more Karelian forest.

And if so, in other words, whether the reason for this kind of in the economic integration.

The only thing that lures in such an alliance — so this is an opportunity to put into place Washington. But, apparently, if the Yankees will block the path to world domination, then immediately after that in the Russian-Chinese alliance sure to start domestic disputes. It's not made-up discussions. This candid reality that has been in all the unions and alliances at all times. Conglomerates, which were created to counter the common enemy, at some point broke. In the best case, it was bloodless (so to speak, "velvet"), and in the worst case has already started an internal military confrontation.

With all of this somehow looks quite scary phrase all in the same article, in which they say that one of the major challenges of modern China is the "conquest of the western part of Eurasia." Such a vague indication of geo-strategic interests of China may be due to the fact that China has so far is pending before its main visible. A target would probably throw itself as a "western part of Eurasia" and the Middle East, and Western Europe. In such a situation, one can imagine that China is going to cook for themselves a stable platform in the form of Russian strategic resources (both military and economic) in the case of its own expansion. But what kind is this expansion? If we imagine that it will be purely economic, it all looks somehow surprising. With the help of a cheap own products and a cheap labor force, and so China has alrea
dy captured half the world.

It turns out that Beijing is too far away from the imperial conquest of the disease, and more precisely to say — come close to it. And now he stood in front of the need to find temporary allies. But with whom the Celestial Empire in today's criteria can merge? With India — it would be, but there are often pops up the Tibetan issue with Iran as it was late, and Japan — is unrealistic. And here is our home and that is the only king for a day, need China to gradually move to the status of a superpower trivial.

Because the proposal by the Chinese looks very pretty but at first glance, but in the not to distant considering its hefty appear underwater stones, which can carry off Russia to the bottom. Look before you leap, as they say …

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