China colonizing North Korea

Beijing's economy rapidly binds DPRK to its north-eastern provinces
USA and China are trying to resume talks about North Korea's nuclear program there. Pyongyang agree, and Seoul pushes preparatory conditions. According to the views of a professional, "NG", Seoul placed his hopes to achieve in 5 years the overthrow of the regime in North Korea. But in the end, it all basically comes under the influence of China.

Beijing sharply stepped up its policy on the Korean issue in the last days. Vice Premier Li Keqiang, who is waiting to take the post of head of government China after the Congress of the CPC, yesterday met in Seoul with the president of South Korea Lee Myung-bak. And in the Sun, he held talks in Pyongyang with a favorite of Kim Jong Il.

In both cases, open a discussion on the issue of resuming the six-party nuclear disarmament talks on the Korean Peninsula.

And more specifically — the refusal of North Korea's nuclear programs from.

Chinese media have restricted ourselves to the protocol messages about the meeting in Seoul with Lee Myung-bak. But a senior envoy to Pyongyang, China headed for a positive outcome. Kim Jong Il, as reported by AFP, expressed the wish that the six-party talks resumed as soon as possible. Specifically called for in the earlier Beijing.

In the six-party talks, which were held in Beijing, except North and South Korea participated China, United States, Japan and our homeland. Pyongyang withdrew from the negotiations in 2009, citing the fact that the U.S. and its partners have not abandoned the aggressive policy DPRK and did not fulfill promises to provide economic assistance. He then spent the second test of a nuclear weapon.

At the moment, Pyongyang, of course, has softened its position. About it and they say the results of the meeting between the South American and North Korean diplomats held in Geneva. As a South American diplomat said Stephen Bosworth, the parties were able to "reduce the differences." But the breakthrough that has permitted to resume the six-party talks, was not.

The fact that the U.S. and its South Korean ally, I wish that Pyongyang has proved that he is ready to make concessions. This, namely, is the fact that he refused not only from the production of plutonium, as it was agreed in principle in 2005. Now the question and cancellation of programs from enriching uranium.

Pyongyang says it is ready to negotiate with preparatory test. And the U.S. and its partners just such conditions are put forward. Now here's the catch.

In an interview with "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" Senior Research Fellow of the Institute of Far Eastern Studies, Konstantin Asmolov said that the desire of the United States and North Korea to resume dialogue — this is a good signal to the international community. But the fact that Seoul has to wish that the North Koreans have apologized for the death of a South Korean corvette in 2010 and the North Korean artillery shelling of the island. But these incidents far from clear. Why Pyongyang should ask for forgiveness?

According to professionals, a number of activists surrounded Lee Myung-bak's "counting on the fact that the five-year period of his rule will topple the North Korean regime." Because inter-Korean affairs were transferred to the political plane — from the "Sunshine Policy", provides for the granting of aid and investment to the North, refused. Meanwhile Seoul Pyongyang pushed himself to the fact that he went to the deepening of relations with Beijing in the economic field.

New York Times reported that China was "colonized" North Korea. "This is a biased estimate. China is not going to attach themselves to this government. But he rapidly binds its economy to its north-eastern provinces. With the participation of China modernized port, the islands are two joint economic zones "- said Asmolov. According to him, the Chinese experts at mastering production of copper and other metals in the DPRK.

Referring to the role of in the North Korean economy, the expert pointed out that "our experts at restoring the railway link with Russian town of Hassan. Was launched a trial flight on this route. " But a gas pipeline from the Russian Far East to South Korea via the North can be read only hypothetically. At a construction site takes about 5 years. If there is political support from the participants of the project and funding. But as long as there is no such criterion. In this case, more obstacles appear from Seoul concluded Asmolov.

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