China completes restoration of aircraft carrier Varyag

China actually graduated recovery Trapped in 1998, languid ex-Soviet aircraft carrier "Varyag".

Cruiser will be used for the training of personnel and as the layout for a promising state carrier, said the agency "AFP" referring to the head editor of the magazine "Canvas's Defence Review 'Andrew Chan.

"Varyag" was laid on the stocks of the Black Sea shipyard Shipyard in Nikolaev first 1980s. Since January 1992 due to lack of funds the work of the ship was stopped, and in 1994, our home just turned down the role in the completion of the ship.

In 2000, the unfinished cruiser "Varyag" (the amount of work performed was 76%) was purchased in Ukraine for 20 million dollars located in Macau by the Chinese company with the stated purpose of converting it into a floating casino.

According to experts, if China was able to purchase all of the project design documentation cruiser.

Since 2002, the aircraft carrier was located on a shipyard in Dalian. Officially, China has never claimed that conducts repairs cruiser. But, according to A.Chana, currently inside of the ship restored to 100%. The reconstruction process has included the installation of boilers, power and electrical systems, recovery accommodation and engines. The hull and deck have also been renovated.

According disk imaging A.Chana, the reconstruction carried out in a very frisky pace.

To date, the remaining finish work on installing the radar.

Tests are already underway deck fighters that means positioned on the ship. As stated by the expert, the aircraft carrier will be able to go out to sea for the last time.

Demonstration of China's military growth is causing great concern abroad. January 11 completed the first flight of the prototype standard low-profile Chinese fighter plane fifth-generation J-20.

According to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, U.S. Admiral M.Mullena "China contributes capital in modern high technologies, many of which may have specifically focused on countering the United States. "

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