China continues to arm

China continues to arm

Modern China's military policy is aimed at providing the main government strategic tasks — creating a modernized power that will take a dominant position in the Asia-Pacific Region (APR).

Ambitions of the Middle Kingdom, most likely are not limiting the Favourites own position in the region — China wants to become equal to the political, economic influence and military power, the world's leading nations. The power of the Middle Kingdom is implementing this goal by mobilizing all possible resources: national and global.

The main direction of the overall tactical tasks is to create a massive armed force capable of defending the country from external danger. Immediately power China believes that the strong powers of the current boundaries of space always go beyond the boundaries of their territories: this justifies the PRC that it has territorial claims to the adjacent countries. Base military policy of China is the postulate of Deng Xiaoping, the essence of which is that China should not get involved in an open military confrontation, and to rely on the economic and demographic expansion. But no expert will ensure that, when critical of the military-political situation in the region, China did not use its armed forces. Possessing a nuclear weapon, China believes that the possibility of a global nuclear war is very small. Its strategic nuclear forces The Celestial Empire considers only as a tool of deterrence, although arsenal of guns from China impressive: intercontinental ballistic missiles, ballistic missiles on submarines, medium range ballistic missiles. Of course, According to experts, China's military policy when a military conflicts still will not come down to the defeat of the enemy, and impose his own criterion of the world.

The program of modernization of arms, which is currently being produced, the PRC authorities, reduced to equip the army sverhtehnologichnym and precision instrument. In order to move the Army of China from quantitative advantages over the enemy to high-planned follow-up activities:
— equip all units with modern types of weapons;
— increased agility, intelligence and firepower capabilities of military units to the level of advanced countries;
— decrease the number of infantry units with significant increase in naval and air forces;
— maintaining universal conscription;
— Training of all the Chinese army units to conduct operations outside the area of the country;
— providing a stable structure of command and control of external influences;
— gain information warfare units to the alleged enemy.

After the fulfillment of the objectives, China could become the world's second state (after the U.S.) in terms of military capabilities.

Ever since the 90s in China significantly increased awareness of their vulnerability. The reason — in the unsettled issue of Taiwan (the peninsula of China has always considered part of its own territory), in the presence of claims to the adjacent states: China justifies its right to the islands of the Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam, and Malaysia, also a Japanese Dyaoyudao Peninsula and part of the area of India, adjacent to the Southern Tibet.

A huge impact on the formation of Chinese military doctrine is the fact that China is not enough resources to hold 1.3 billion. population. Each year the need grows for food and energy, is snowballing industrialization and urbanization. Because China is very important for maritime routes for all required.

To save the currently open sea lanes, China does impact the Navy, kitted out with new types of weapons. In one of the reports of the Pentagon reported the development of China's anti-ship ballistic missile capable of overcoming the distance of 1.5 kilometers. Go with a tool is created and a submarine capable of delivering it to the appropriate region. China already has a 3-atomic submarines, the third generation, and soon to be joined by a further 5 new submarines. China is building rapidly in virtually all classes of ships including aircraft carriers, frigates, and amphibious ships. For example, in 2004 China put into operation the first missile boat in the world with anti-ship missiles. This catamaran is made by stealth technology. Delivery is planned for the Navy Celestial 80 such boats. On armament Chinese Navy received a fundamentally new multi-purpose amphibious assault ship, helicopter, and the ships, equipment, highly-fighting equipment, functional radar installations and vertical launch missiles. The Chinese have significantly strengthened its air defenses, setting on destroyers and rocket launchers. It is believed that although China at the moment and came out on the 1st place in the number of warships, but the high quality of their composition still inferior to the U.S. Navy.

Air Force of China in number of units occupying the third place in the world (after the United States and the Russian Federation). Being armed Bole 500 bombers and ground-attack aircraft, 300 transport planes, hundreds of reconnaissance aircraft and more than 1.5 thousand fighters, China is upgrading its own air force, replacing old equipment and aircraft third fourth generation. To be based technology created more than 400 airfields with the most modern infrastructure.

The line of duty are China 6 missile bases with 230 launchers. Not so long ago, were the latest missile tests successful "Dongfeng-41", which is capable of striking targets on the ground the United States. It is armed with the technical means capable air defense system to overcome the enemy.

The Celestial Empire continues to work with Russia to equip the armed forces of China's modern missile systems S-300 and S-400.

China has mastered the technology of production of their armored vehicles. In the past year, China has shown its own export version of the new tank MBT-2000. This model has enhanced features of mobility, has a new economical diesel engine 1.5 million hp (Creation of Ukraine) and is able to develop great speed on rough terrain.

For the implementation of military reform, China is spending 2% of its budget (for comparison: Our homeland — 4.1% United States — 4.7%). Specialists believe that the implementation of its own military policy, China significantly increment costs armament: Maybe in 2015 they will make up 220 billion. $ (In 2012 military China's budget is $ 180 billion. $).

Very great political weight in the Chinese military elite decision-making on issues of foreign policy and national security.

South American experts believe that the Chinese army is technologically behind the U.S. Armed Forces for 20 years, while in relation to the Russian army, the armed forces of the Middle Kingdom is to this day have severe dignity.

It is possible that China has recently begin to act against global powers and neighbors are tougher to take its place in the global community.

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