China continues to coming to Russia

As previously reported to the "Military Review" — CPR is uniformly shifts the municipal border with the Russian Federation. According to the Border Guard Service of the Russian Federation, the Chinese construction workers in April of this year, without the consent of the Russian side, the work on the fence soil of the Ussuri River. According to the border guards, on April 13-14 in the 146 kilometer of the Ussuri River near the village of Sheremetyevo and April 17 in the area of 215 kilometer of the Ussuri River near the village of Vasilevka (Khabarovsk Territory), the court held the PRC dredging. In China and Russia have an agreement that governs such work, but Peking they broke and did not even put Moscow in fame (

China continues to "attack" on Russia

Taken on Chinese soil in the river is discharged to other parts of the river, which is also a consequence can lead to changes in the flow Ussuri. Border passes through the channel, and in the case of the configuration of the river bed, and it will change. A similar phenomenon occurs at the border almost every year, which is a concern Border Service. Fascinating, and the fact that when the Russian party requests Peking clarification, he remained silent. But it seemed that when Moscow gave China a number of disputed areas on the border, the problem had been resolved once and for all (at least last forever) — in 2005, the Russian Federation has given way peninsula Tarabarova, the western part of the Great Ussuri Island and a number of other smaller islands as a result of the demarcation of the border.

From a military and strategic point of view, the work of the Chinese people in the river pose a danger, with the passage of time (and we know that the Chinese people can be patient and expect) of the islands may be on the Chinese side of the river. This can be achieved by digging the soil in certain parts of the river and the other fell asleep. Not a good character and the fact that China does not respond to the comments of, it's an old Chinese strategy. In Beijing believe that the limits are not fair, but to raise (so far) are not going to question, but commit acts aimed at changing the situation in their favor, they will. Questionable, and the fact that Moscow will react more harshly than the current time. The islands though have a huge military-strategic and psychological importance (the principle of "do not give an inch of land of their own"), but for a part of Russian authorities to commercial matters more important than the other principles. Russian rule in the current time hucksters, money-changers, not warriors.

It is understood that where a huge danger is not the work of Chinese on the river, and its financial expansion. At acquired from the Russian islands Peking plans to build a new town of Fuyuan (only 20 km from the center of Khabarovsk) and port it wants to give the status of a free economic zone. It is clear enough that its population will grow rapidly to the number of inhabitants of Khabarovsk (580 thousand), and later become cities. This will be the economic impact in the Khabarovsk region, which is already facing serious prepyadstviya, the economic center of China's rapidly move to the countryside. In Fuyuan will open a new airport, more powerful and cheaper than in Khabarovsk, and of housing in China is cheaper, it is clear that the Russian private entrepreneurs is rapidly appreciated. Chinese expansion in the Far East area will increase even more.

China continues to "attack" on Russia

Peking can be appreciated, it is acting strictly in their own interests, it requires resources and land for the survival of the Chinese civilization. Moscow is not alone is experiencing a similar strategy on the part of Beijing, for example, on the border with Kazakhstan, the Chinese are great irrigation works, which will soon be deprived of a significant part of the Kazakhs of fresh water, and their problems with water only worsen. And to all the requests of Kazakhstan Peking "Responsible" in silence.

But if the Russian government will continue to pursue a policy of "appeasement" of China by the Russian lands and resources, it is not going to end well. Moscow has long been time to start implement programs from the revival of the Russian Far East, is, for example, a good development for the development of Yuri Krupnova Russian regions east of the Urals.

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