China copied all the latest draft Russian diesel-electric submarines, perhaps, Lada

China copied all of the latest projects of Russian diesel-electric submarines, perhaps, "Lada"

Not long ago, China launched the latest diesel-electric submarine (pictured), but did not give any official disk imaging. Study Photo allows you to make a conclusion that seems to be it diesel-electric submarines with the designation Type 41C, which used Russian technology appropriate for the Chinese project. The creation of this boat says that Chinese naval engineers have made significant progress in this direction.

Boat Class Type 41A looks like the Russian submarine class Kilo. In the late 1990s, the Chinese ordered boats Project 877 (Kilo), which at the time were the most modern Russian NNS. Our home sold them for 200 million U.S. dollars per share, which was less than half the price of western submarines of the same class. The boat has a surface displacement of 2,300 tons, 6 torpedo tubes and a crew of 57 people. They are able to overcome 700 kilometers under water at low noise mode at a speed of 5 km / h, 18 are equipped with torpedoes and anti-ship missiles SS-N-27, launched from torpedo tubes (with a range of 300 km). The combination of quietness and cruise missiles makes these boats are very unsafe for U.S. aircraft carriers. Boats of this type of purchase as North Korea and Iran.

China has built its own three boats class Yuan (Type 41). The first was a copy of Russian boats Project 877 (Kilo), The second of them (Type 41B) was an improved version of the boat and head consistent with the latest version Kilo — Project 636. These submarines were built for testing stolen Russian technology. 3rd Yuan (Type 41C), launched to the old days on the water, it seems a little different from them. This boat may be a copy of the new version of Project 877 — "Harmony".

First Russian diesel-electric submarines of "Lada" Three years back started running tests in the previous year was found suitable for the operation. Second submarine is in construction, total is planned to build eight diesel-electric submarines of this type. Class submarines Kilo entered the combat strength of the Russian Navy in the late 80's. In the Navy of the Russian Federation there were 24 units, 30 were exported. Shortly before the end of the "cool war" has begun work on the project "Lada", but they will soon have stalled due to lack of funding.

"Lada" created to destroy submarines, surface ships and land targets and also conducting naval intelligence. As said, these submarines is eight times quieter than the boats, etc. 877. This is achieved through the installation of sound-absorbing coatings and quiet screws. Boat armed with active and passive sonars, including towed passive ebb armament consists of six torpedo tubes of 533 mm ammunition 18 torpedoes and cruise missiles. Surface displacement scaled down to 1750 m, the crew 38 people. Each crew member has a booth with a bed, though small, which increases the morale of sailors.

In underwater "Lada" is able to develop and maintain a speed of about 39 km / h and dive to a depth of 800 feet. Autonomy of 50 days, the maximum range of the underwater stroke diesel engines work under water (RDP)-powered retractable mast can be up to 10 thousand kilometers. When powered with a battery range of underwater speed is 450 km. Boat armed with electric periscope, enabling night vision and the introduction of a laser range finder. "Harmony" was designed for the use of technology of the power plant without surfacing (AIP — air independent propulsion). Our home for a long time remained a pioneer of this technology, but in the near future Western Europe took the lead in this area. Construction of the head, "Lada" was started in 1997, but lack of funding delayed the work for long years, and only in 2005, its construction was completed. The least complicated option boats, labeled "Cupid" is offered for export.

It is believed that the Yuan class submarines are also equipped technology AIP, which allows non-nuclear boats to stay underwater for several days in a row. At the current time, the PLA Navy has in the battle of the 13 boat class Song (Type 39), 12 Kilo, Yuan and 25 three Romeo. To date, there are only three class submarines Han, says that the difficulties ispytyvaemyzh Chinese operating nuclear reactors on submarines. Notwithstanding this event, the submarine going out to sea, where they own a large noise level will simply be detected by Western speakers.

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