China created the mountain tank?

Major announcements related to armored vehicles in recent months come from China. Local treynspotterami was recorded echelon military equipment bound for Tibet. Were seen in the middle of the other two unknown war machines.

At the moment, the military experts at specialized armored vehicles, breaking open the idea that it is all the same (it is worth noting that the first of RuNet image of the machine at endeared Navigator, which tracks down a Chinese military theme).

It is likely, is a tank or lung battle machine, specially designed for the conduct of activities in the criteria of the mountains. In the photo posted can only see the machine frame. Shestiopornoe chassis having three support rollers, apparently, is equipped with adjustable hydropneumatic suspension. On the train platform tank in fact, "is the bottom." This suspension design is very needed in the criteria of the mountains, it will greatly enhance the mobility and survivability of the tank during combat operations.

By the way, Korean and Japanese tanks, in other words the machine, "born" from the States with more mountainous areas, has long been equipped with such suspension. The development of modern Chinese battle the car was taken into account the experience of these states.

Perhaps, engineers and designers of the Middle Kingdom was used to copy the elements of the chassis sold Russian armored complex "Tor-M1".

With all of this it is possible that the development of the chassis aid workers of the Minsk Tractor Plant, the Chinese you have the necessary technology. In any case, the official disk imaging in this regard was not.

Turret absolutely sheltered camouflage net, but the kind of tools allows you to imagine that the Chinese artillery system was installed 120mm-125mm. Given the size of the tower in a niche perhaps, mounted automatic loader.

Perhaps, the machine is installed commander's panoramic sight. In the development of the fire control system used the experience of the creation of the MSA for the tank type 99A2.

For transport the tank side skirts lifted, in connection with this unrealistic establish, which add. Protection is on them. In principle, this is all that can be grasped by posting photos.

To pay tribute to the Chinese: they are the enemy — India, which has previously expressed desire to purchase 300 light tanks, which will be located in the disputed border areas, to this day, "marking time" in place. Of course, between India and Poland signed some agreements on joint work perhaps, based on light tank "Anders" Polish production. But while some of the successes in this field do not hear anything. Indian Army as a temporary measure there tossed T-72 tanks.

But China has made a real debate instead of the standards and conduct their tests.

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