China declared its own legitimate rights to the Diaoyu Islands

China has said about their legal rights on the Diaoyu Islands

Lasts escalation of the conflict-related claims China on the Senkaku archipelago, which Japan refers to as its own territory. But the official Beijing in this regard is their judgment. The other day, a representative of the Middle Kingdom Hong Lei, who is an employee of Chinese Foreign Ministry, said that the Diaoyu Islands (the so-called Senkaku in China) is a perennial Chinese territory. According to the Hong Lei's "Fishing Island," and specifically as translated title of the archipelago as the Chinese and Japanese languages, with old-time geographically belong to China.

It should be recalled that due to languid geopolitical crisis between China and Japan which erupted after Tokyo announced that they are going to nationalize three of the five Senkaku islands, buying them from private owners, began the truest pogroms offices of Japanese companies in the area China. Now almost all Chinese towns are anti-Japanese rallies demanding not to encroach on the territorial integrity of China. In the southern port town China was arranged by the typical patriotic performance, which was meant to draw attention to the Land of the Rising Sun. Thousands of city residents ran into the sky sky lanterns, which were supposed to show the number of those who do not accept the territorial encroachments land of the rising sun on the Diaoyu.

It is necessary to see that the attempt to resolve the conflict, which broke out between Beijing and Tokyo, and the Russian Federation has undertaken. Namely, the official dealer of Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Lukashevich called on Chinese and Japanese authorities to take the path of dialogue in terms of resolution of territorial disputes. Lukashevich said that our homeland would that confrontation between Beijing and Tokyo did not create a hazard in the Asia-Pacific region.

So far no response to any of the words Lukashevich Beijing or Tokyo did not appear, but it became clear that the people of the country of the rising sun are preparing a lawsuit against China for the fact that its citizens harmed by Japanese companies and Japanese nationals living in the countryside of China. This lawsuit is likely to glow even more cases that are already an advanced look very far.

At that time, China's naval patrol ships entered the territorial waters of the Land of the Rising Sun in the disputed islands.

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