China entrenched in orbit

China immediately made two great scientific and technological breakthroughs in space and in the depths of the oceans.
As the Xinhua, Chinese astronauts successfully managed to perform manually dock gallakticheskogo ship "Shenzhou-9" with an orbital module "Tiangong-1". Responsible for the complex operation pilot Liu Wang, one of the 3 members of the crew. He was helped by his colleagues Jing Haipeng (commander) and the first Chinese woman astronaut Liu Yang.

Docking ship with the space station is usually carried out in an automatic mode. To have to do it manually only in case of any problems. If astronauts are able to perform this operation, they are the least dependent on technology is not always reliable.

"This means that China took possession of all the technologies docking in space and the country is fully capable to launch people and cargo into orbit that is required for the construction of the space station, "- writes Xinhua.

Synchronization "Shenzhou-9" with "Tiangong-1" demonstrated live on Chinese television. The next step for China is building this space station. It is expected that it will create on the basis of "Tiangong-1". Construction should be completed by 2020.

The second great success of Chinese science and technology became descent to the bottom of the ocean. Now Chinese bathyscaphe "Tszyaolun" descended into the deepest in the world Mariana Trench at a depth of seven kilometers. As reported by Xinhua, were in the unit three Chinese oceanographer transferred from the ocean depths hi own countrymen in orbit.

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