China evenly absorbs the North

China is slowly consuming the NorthChina is booming, but this growth and is nestled terrible danger if stopped, it is possible to fall under the weight of social and economic problems.

But for the upcoming growth requires external resources. Beijing seeps into Latin America, already competes with European and South American companies in the Black continent. Increasing impact has on the countries of South-East Asia, absorbs energy states of the Persian Gulf, coal and iron from Australia.

But most of all he was interested in the strategic direction of the north, there is virtually deserted posted, compared with China, Mongolia, Siberia and Kazakhstan. With Russia China has yet to spoil things, Moscow allows China to obtain all necessary and true.

Kazakhstan and Mongolia — is the best option for expansion outside of China. No harsh military, not enough of the population, a large area, so the necessary resources for the PRC.


— Tremendous unpopulated area: a total of 16 million people, 6 people per square kilometer. km., this 9th territory by area in the world (2.7 million square meters. km.). In other words, this area can be too much to relocate the population of China.

— Large supplies important resource: dark and non-ferrous metals (gold deposit, lead, chromium, bismuth, copper, molybdenum, aluminum, iron, and manganese), more than 3% of the global supplies of oil, 1.7% of the global supplies of natural gas, 21% global supplies of uranium, coal, phosphates, etc. Practically the whole periodic table.

— Excellent ability to develop agriculture: wheat, sunflower, cotton, flax, thriving fruit growing, melon, you can expand the livestock.

— Tremendous value for Beijing have water resources of Kazakhstan. China has a very mature severe water problems, some aqua filthy sources for the development of agriculture and water supply to the population nezapyatannoy need new sources. In Kazakhstan there are. China has confiscated the water from the Irtysh River and the Dark either by reducing the flow of water in Kazakhstan. China is rapidly developing agriculture in the border of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Construct channel Dark Irtysh — Karamay, which is why in the near future we will witness the rotation of the Irtysh "in Chinese," which will lead to the cessation of water flow into Lake Balkhash and Zaysan naturally without the influx of water, they will dry evenly to begin desertification of East Kazakhstan. Beijing prepyadstviya future of Astana and Kazakh not trevozhut, its aqua Code allows to solve the "water issue" in favor of the Chinese civilization. Beijing has not acceded to the "International Convention on the Use of Transboundary Watercourses." Kazakhstan's nothing that can not be countered leverage over Beijing had not. Samples of Astana diplomatically to resolve the issue to nothing lead, ignoring the problem of Beijing.

— The historical concept of China believes that a significant portion of lands in Kazakhstan — this area of western China. Only the defeat of the Arabs in the 8th century, not allowing China to establish itself in these lands.

— Kazakhstan is fascinating to Beijing and strategic point of view, as a way out to the Caspian Sea, the Russian Federation, the bridge to Europe.

— China is already hard at producing financial and economic expansion, turning Astana in a kind of vassal. Placed under the control of the country's energy resources, important natural resources — first bought by enterprises of oil production, oil refining, gas industry. In 2008, when the global monetary crisis began, Beijing deftly used it and pulled out of the pit Astana issuing billions of dollars in loans. In 2008, China controlled 21% of oil production in Kazakhstan. In 2009, issuing a loan of 10 billion. bucks, Beijing received 49% of the company "Mangistaumunaigas" (MMG) and the ability to access to uranium deposits. Fraction of China's oil production in Kazakhstan is almost equal to that of the Kazakh. China dominates the local pipeline system by itself, does investing in the construction of new ones. A gas pipeline from Turkmenistan, China reduces dependence on "Gazprom".

— Kazakh political elite is increasingly under the control of Beijing, "the Kazakh economic miracle" was saved by means of the PRC. Only it bailed out the country from severe economic and social crisis.

— Multi-vector policy Astana (in the United States, the European Alliance, Russia, China) failed. West, as well as China's only necessary resources about ordinary Kazakhs, no one remembers.

— China has already started to move in Kazakhstan, it is home to community numbering about 300 thousand people.

— Kazakhstan's military weakness, the number of the army of about 70 thousand people, together with border guards, the Interior Ministry, Guard, Emergency — about 105 thousand people. Chinese army crushed Kazakh forces virtually instantaneously. Well, no, Kazakhstan or human reserves, nor a strong economy to make an army that will be able to withstand the forces of yellowish Dragon.

The only way to avoid becoming a Chinese Kazakhs, can not be a military method (if the plan is not big political crises), and economic and demographic, to return to the Russian world.

RF is also not very profitable takeover of Kazakhstan China, we have so huge border in the East, and so China is already bordering on the European part of Russia.

China is slowly consuming the North


Acts of China in Mongolia are not different variety, China Economic unsophisticated method of absorbing the country, turning it into a northern province on virtually sight.

— Tremendous — 1.5 million square meters. km. (18th in the world) territory, with a population of 2.7 million people, we can say empty land, least 2 persons per square kilometer.

— There are deposits of copper, carbon, molybdenum, tin, tungsten and gold, gas oil. Very basically, it found huge supplies of uranium. It is important for China and coking coal for its own steel industry. In economic terms, high dependence on Russia (almost all the electricity and petroleum products) and China (most of the exports go there). Well, the transit of products on the world market is likely only in Russia and China, out to other states, or to the sea at Ulan Bator not. The economic impact of China's constantly grows up, he is in control of almost all the small and medium business, gets to the big one. Beijing gives Mongolia profitable loans, increasing the dependence of Ulan Bator.

— Military power is actually zero — the army of about nine thousand people (2007). In other words, if Beijing will want to, you can just enter and occupy the area.

— China conducts intensive colonization of Mongolia for its workers, as in Russia in the Far East and Siberia.

— Historically, China believes that Mongolia — it's part of Inner Mongolia, which is currently part of China. Until 1911, Mongolia has been under China, only with the support of Russian Empire Mongols have gained independence. Then Mongolia was under the protectorate of the Russian Empire, and probably only a revolution in 1917, broke the process, the inclusion of
Mongolia to the Russian civilization. The Chinese have returned to their power in Mongolia, but in the short term — in 1921, the White Army troops under the command of an eccentric personality Baron Ungern von Sternberg vyshybli Chinese. They defeated the army of reddish, and Mongolia became part of the socialist camp — a whole lot to gain from friendship with the Russian Union. And we do not need to complain about — the Mongols were one of our most loyal friends. After the death of the Red Empire began to fill the vacuum of China and western countries (USA, Canada), but Beijing is in a better position — he's around.

— China is the cultural coming to Mongolia, improves own style building in the capital of Mongolia, home, business centers. Starts forms the pro-Chinese intellectuals in Mongolia, allocating grants to hundreds of students to study in China, so Makarov, shaping the future political elite aimed at China.

In Mongolia, left a lot of supporters of Russian civilization, many remember our friendship. Remember that Russian rescued them from the Chinese genocide and assimilation of the danger of capture by Japan in the 30s. Know that in Inner Mongolia, China held "Sinification", effectively destroying the Tatar culture and do not want to repeat this in Mongolia. According to opinion polls: the majority of the population favors a strategic partnership with Russia, then go to the United States, Japan, China. The government in Ulan Bator has tried in 90 years to lead the equilibrium policy, maneuvering between Russia, China and Western companies.

RF is not very profitable acquisitions of Chinese civilization Mongolia. From an economic point of view, we will lose the fundamental resources and markets for Russian products to the military — will increase the length of the line under the likely impact (us profitable peaceful neighbor of Mongolia), strategic — to lose to us peacefully minded people. The Mongols, in view of the small number of its own, almost immediately (by historical standards) will lose their identity.

Moscow should make every effort to preserve its influence in Mongolia. To save the Tatar people. Apply a wide range of economic, cultural ways. People of Mongolia will support this strategy, they do not want to be "kitaiziatsii." Over time, Mongolia could become part of the Russian civilization.

China is slowly consuming the North

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