China extends the service life of liquid ICBM 21

The newspaper "Ketszi's Daily" published an article about the officer deserved a rocket bases, from which it follows that in 2012 produced a corresponding connection test launch to extend the life of the missile 1st out of old types — in the end, this rocket will be able to serve a 21-year period more than initially scheduled.

Based on the details mentioned in the article, one can imagine that it is one of the remaining 2-in service with the 2nd Artillery types of liquid rockets — DF-4 or DF-5.

DF-5 as before remains a strong Chinese ICBM with a range of 13,000 km and a significant throw-weight. DF-4 in own of early versions had a range of more than 4,500 km, the next she was raised and on various estimates in the current period is from 5400 to over 7000 km. Both missiles have made the first flight and began to be used in the Chinese gallakticheskoy program there in 1970. Their deployment began in the 1980s., Creating (at least the latter, DF-5) lasted more first 1990s.

China extends the service life of liquid ICBM '21

Chinese ICBM DF-4

The figure in the material picture shows an officer against missiles DF-4, but can not say with certainty to what period of his life is this photo. In any case, China continues to conduct research about the upcoming extension of the service life of its own fleet of old times liquid propellant missiles, despite the fact that their military value in modern conditions is not clear (any of the missiles asks prelaunch duration and more than an hour), and the costs of maintaining infrastructure for them to be very significant.

The article states that honored the officer, deputy head of the technical department of a certain base of the 2nd Artillery Zhao Chzhantsyuy for 36 years of service in its own missile troops participated in 36 successful launches of missiles of various types, both combat and gallakticheskih.

The article mentions some kind of test launches of ballistic missiles of an old type, the life which is meant to extend a 21-year compared with initially installed. Zhao Chzhantsyuy personally prepared the missile for launch and oversaw the repair and adjustment work. In the end, the best accuracy was achieved in the history of this type of missile launches.

From the article that launch held in September 2012, a few months earlier, in May, Zhao Chzhantsyuy received an order for his dismissal from the ranks of the PLA in connection with the age limit. But after it became clear that the connection will accept a role in the missile launch, the decision of the Party Committee Zhao Zhangqiu were asked to stay in the service, because it was the only way to ensure the success of the event.

In 2003, one of the teams respective missile base was to perform the transfer and acceptance of a 10-s pieces of weapons, with all this commander Brigade at that time was on their studies. Zhao Chzhantsyuy accepted the decision of the puzzles. The decision of the tasks, the intended carriage languid rockets on difficult terrain, reincarnated in the enterprise, which lasted about six months, during this period of time the car, which moved Zhao Chzhantsyuy, scored 45,000 kilometers.

In 2004 he substituted for another brigade commander in the respective bases, while in this brigade immediately focused on his studies and commander, and political commissar. Only four articles hero assumed the interim brigade commanders own base also served as deputy chief of logistics and deputy chief of logistics base. In the middle of his students have become two of the commanders of division level, five were the commanders of brigades, 12 people occupied the post at the regimental commanders.

Zhao himself in rank corresponded to the deputy division commander, and remained at that level about 12 years, while many of his subordinates were up yesterday. Zhao did not solve any effort for their own upcoming career, stating that "all must address the organization, and the person should follow this decision." In the coming regardless of the age limit, control, and party organization appealed to him to continue to serve and he agreed, saying that for him it is the highest honor that he would try to justify it.

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