China for the first time send a J-10 fighter jets and tanks type 99 on the joint military exercise

Chinese fighter jets 4th Generation J-10 and the main tanks type 99 will accept a role in counterterrorism exercises SCO "Peace Mission — 2010" on the terrain of Kazakhstan.

Exercise "Peace Mission-2010" will be held from 9 to 25 September, the terrain of Kazakhstan, the first group of Chinese soldiers have already arrived in the landfill near the Kazakh city of Otaru. The number of Chinese troops in the exercises will be about 1,000 people. According to the online portal, among other weapons Chinese contingent demonstrate fighter J-10 and the more recent Chinese Type 99 MBT.

This is the first case the direction of the Chinese data types of equipment for the role in multilateral maneuvers outside the PRC. Type 99 MBT is done along with an even more massive Type 96 MBT. In contrast to the Type 96, Type 99 never exported. Despite the fact that the representatives of the Chinese industry claim of unsurpassed properties of type 99 tank, its real properties still remain a mystery.

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