China goes on a cybernetic war?

China goes on a cybernetic war?In recent years, information technology has become so huge difference in the life of mankind, that they are directly interested in the military. Like any other things, IT-sphere may be called dual purpose. That is why you should pay attention to the nuances of the development of modern information society. First ideas for the creation of special units within the military departments, whose job will be to enter tracking information networks and other electrical infrastructure, began to appear in the late 90-ies of the last century. Nevertheless, the true time called Cyber Command are only a few states. The most famous of them belongs to the United States of America. Other countries or only do these units, or are about to. The exception is perhaps that China, which is engaged in IT-issues for 10 years.

Understanding the main trends in the development of information technology, in 2002, the military and political control of the Middle Kingdom has brought adequate plans to the National Military Strategy. During the implementation of the latest strategies additional duties were assigned to the third and fourth of the General Staff of Chinese army. Prior to giving the new features third control was engaged only in exploration related to "listening" radio channels and other types of produce with the help of disk imaging technology. Now in charge of the Office comes to the same control over the information channels of Chinese armed forces and provision their safety. On the one hand, such rassredotachivanie looks amazing: all the same info and protection of its foreign intelligence are not like puzzles. But the Chinese command, distributing responsibilities, first shared them on the defensive and offensive. Specifically defensive tasks and were assigned to the third control.

Offensive same tasks handed over to the fourth of the General Staff. Previously, it was engaged in electronic warfare at the operational level and above. Now the fourth management anxiously and for offensive operations in the information sphere. At the disposal of the two departments has more than 3 research institutes and more than 10-ka operational offices. Since 2010, part of the "cyber army" of China comes Management informatization. The purpose of this organization is the embodiment of the overall coordination in the IT-sector. A year later, another was created coordinating unit under the title "Database security information."

As we see, there are severe structural shifts on the basis of the creation of China's own "kibervoysk." At the same time, certain documents concerning only the information actions have yet been deployed. According to reports, work information systems in the Chinese documentation There is only so far in connection with electronic intelligence, electronic warfare and propaganda. Moreover, it is beyond the boundaries of the Middle Kingdom has penetrated only one document from which to draw conclusions. According to the "Concept on the conduct of built-in network power struggle" in a clash with the enemy should be developed first to storm its hardware associated with communication and control. So makarom may find that the Chinese military reduce all the "cyberwar" to disabling the enemy's information systems. This technique looks pretty clumsy. At the same time, it is impossible not to recognize the fascinating and has the right to life. Violation of the means of communication or even their complete elimination from the system, despite its apparent simplicity, is practically effective, though not complicated procedure violations coordinated military operation of the enemy. Left without a connection, enemy units can be broken down into little effort. But with all this applies "jammers" party must have some means to ensure coordination of its own forces in the criteria for the acts of its electronic warfare. Of course, China already has some kind of judgment on this score, or working in the field of communications.

Besides jamming "attacks" enemy forces control the People's Liberation Army of China, considering the information of other systems of oppression. Namely, in the case of a conflict is offered peel on the enemy infrastructure. For example, you may want to put into the control system of any harmful software provision. The virus can storm the means of regulating electricity or water supply designation. In the end, the enemy must not continue the war, and the waste of force to eliminate the consequences of such diversions.

For obvious reasons, the bulk of the disk imaging on Chinese "kibervoysk" comes not from China. More information from time to time publish Western intelligence. Noteworthy that data mining is not confined to a severe organization like the CIA. Not so long ago, the results of their own work published company Northrop Grumman. Her department engaged in electronics and information security, commissioned by the U.S. Commission on US-China relations in the economic and security conducted an analysis of Chinese talents and perspectives. According to the report, last year's series of blackouts in parts of the United States is nothing more than another, as a result of the Chinese military hackers. Specifically, they are, in the views of analysts "Northrop Grumman", constantly study of U.S. infrastructure and the time they spend training and combat attack, during which inspect their production and speculation. South American analysts even say that established source of funding for all of these hostile work: it Chinese National Natural Science Foundation. Moreover, given the number of his grants, which are allocated to cyber sabotage. If you believe the Yankees, it was funding programs from number 70571011 and number 70771016.

Posted by Northrop Grumman data, among other things, suggest that China is able to conduct the work, not only in the sphere of the apparent killing other people's signals. In addition, the report analysts were accompanied by some evidence of Chinese involvement in blackouts. Accordingly, it is possible to make an assumption about the existence of some "combat viruses" of Chinese design. If such means of information warfare has, in the future they will develop and improve. You can also come to the conclusion that China has this strategy of cyber war, which contains within itself several directions at once. On the basis of available data it is possible to allocate the following parts:
— creation of components for the production of their special equipment and supplies over the limit. The latter circuits may be called tabs that allow "owners" get access to the hardware on which the components;
— the creation of software to decrypt the intercepted radio signals and to control the hardware through the "Bookmarks";
— creation of a "war" viruses malopodverzhennyh detection and ability to disrupt the work of different systems. This is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks — for writing such a virus infects a need to know the architecture of instruments, also features her work. In the unlikely event even intercepted virus fails to disrupt enemy systems.

Features of construction of China's defense industry, as the armed forces can hardly hesitate in that the PLA will eventually want to achieve success. For example, the creation of special chips and other similar electrical components can be completely in the introduction and including ot
hers developments. Immediately several world-class companies are creating their constituents at Chinese factories. Hardly anyone can completely eliminate the possibility of leakage of process documentation. As for special harmful software, the Chinese programmers quite often subjected to accusations of evil intent. If any part of the charges — not just words, that the fourth management just might get a lot of good-quality professionals in their own field. As we see, China has all the ability in order to become one of the leading countries in the field of cyber security attacks. For those countries that are already concerned about their own IT-security costs immediately begin improving this area and prepare for a possible attack.

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