China has adopted a new heavy bomber

China has adopted a new heavy bomberChinese Air Force adopted a new heavy bomber Xian H-6K, reports Strategy Page. The new aircraft — upgraded version H-6 bombers, which in turn is a copy of Russian Tu-16. The improved H-6K has received new engines, some elements of the design, the new aircraft systems and radar.

Namely, in H-6K instead of Chinese engines Zian WP8, capable of developing 93.2 kN of thrust each, installed Russian D-30KP2 with traction about 118 kilonewtons each. This allowed increment range aircraft. Vozduhopoglotiteli engines slightly increased in comparison with previous versions of the H-6. In addition, in the fuselage of a bomber are widely used composite materials.

H-6K lost his 23-mm cannon in the nose, which instead of being installed on the aircraft electronic warfare equipment. Bomber is able to carry up to six cruise missiles CJ-10A with a range of up to 2-thousand kilometers. These missiles are perhaps the Russian copy of the X-55 capable than ordinary warheads and nuclear carry. H-6K can carry armament weighing up to 12 tons.

At the current time in service with China cost about 120 H-6 bombers different versions. Aircraft capable of speeds up to 1,050 kilometers per hour and fly at a distance of up to 6 thousand kilometers. Combat radius of early versions of the bombers is about 1.8 thousand kilometers, while the H-6K, presumably, about 3 thousand kilometers.

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