China has become the rival of the United States in Thai ships tender

China has become a rival to the United States in the Thai ship's tender

China requested the Ministry of Defence of Thailand frigates project Type 054 "Tszyankay" with guided missile armament, reports Jane's. Proposed military ships in the ongoing tender Thailand, which also are participating in the United States. Last want to implement Thai military ships near sea zone project LCS.

According to Jane's, the command Thai Navy wants to buy the ships of the American, European or South Korean construction. For the purchase of ships planned izderzhat billion dollars less. Meanwhile, interest in the Chinese proposal showed the Thai government considers the purchase of frigates of the "Tszyankay" more profitable. In addition, with the purchase of Type 054 will not be complicated logistics — Thailand already operates several ships of the Chinese construction.

Preparatory talks for the supply of ships between Thailand and China have already begun. Except the frigates China offers Thai military authorities transfer of technologies necessary for self-maintenance and repair of ships of the "Tszyankay." Namely, in the case of Thailand will be able to purchase frigates without the help of others to create a number of pieces of equipment for them, and not to buy from Chinese companies Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding.

The ships of the "Tszyankay" are built in 2-versions: Type 054 and Type 054A. The difference between the frigates of these projects is in length (132 and 134 meters, respectively), displacement (3.5 and 3.6 thousand tons), as the presence of a 32-cell vertical launch for the installation of anti-aircraft missiles and radar detection of surface and air targets. Project Type 054A was developed with the role of the St. Petersburg Northern Design Bureau.

Rather, China has offered to Thailand specifically frigates project Type 054A. These ships are equipped 100-mm artillery installation Type 210, six 30-mm gun mounts AK-630 anti-aircraft system HQ-16 (modernized version of the Russian air defense system "Calm") and 2 three-tube torpedo tubes caliber 324 mm. In the air group of the ship comes one helicopter Z-9C or Ka-28.

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