China has developed a Leopard 2A6-shaped tank

China has developed a "Leopard 2A6"-shaped tank

Chinese municipal broadcaster CCTV showed the program under the title "Our main battle tanks have gained leading positions in the world" where they show video of the new tank. It is reported that in appearance resembles a German tank Leopard 2A6, to equip the modern fire control and target acquisition.

Protection of the tank by means of destruction significantly improved compared with VT1A and MBT-2000. Tank controlled by a control wheel, which significantly reduced the physical stress on the driver.

South american Defense News magazine published an article where the issue of acquiring new armored vehicle is described as a priority task PLA. The focus is on the purchase of tanks type 99A2. It is reported that this latest improved version of the Type 99 tank. Tank has a massive tower of booking and housing for the installation of the latest generation of integrated dynamic protection. Also the machine is armed with active protection system. The tank has increased to 58 tons in China developed a "mature" 140 mm tank gun, which is to replace the 125 mm gun Russian design, that are equipped with tanks of this type. The total combat effectiveness of tank type 99A2 allows him to wear the title of "King of Asia". According to its features it is superior to the Indian tank T-90, purchased in Russia.

Last south american military Attache, creator of the book "The Chinese Army Today" Dennis Blasko (Dennis Blasco) said that China has about 400 tanks Type 99A2 type 96 and 1500. The latter are the "simplified modernization" of the T-72.

in the photo — Type 99 tanks from the armored division of Shenyang Military Area.

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