China has developed its military variant of the Su-30 — J-11BSM

China has developed its own military variant of the Su-30 - J-11BSM

According to a Canadian online magazine Kanwa Defense Review, China based on double layout trainer aircraft J-11BS («kitaizirovalis" version of the Su-30) made a more advanced modification J-11BSM, which is armed Russian airborne avionics, radars, electronic warfare systems and the ability to use modern forms of Chinese aircraft armament, which was not easily J-11BS/Su-30.

J-11BSM created to give the PLAAF ability to accomplish the strategic "offensive and defensive missions." Chinese Air Force are missing amount languid fighter bomber JH-7 "Flying Leopard", besides these aircraft do not possess the highest combat abilities. J-11BSM is the "best option" for increasing the capabilities the PLA Air Force, writes the magazine.

China invested in the creation of this version of "a lot of money." How will a sufficient number of J-11BSM, this factor will remove flaws inherent in the PLA Air Force. Plane has the ability to refuel in the air strikes at great distances, you will opportunity integrate their new types of Chinese weapons.

The magazine also says that the head of the bureau "Sukhoi" Mikhail Pogosyan said in public that our homeland will never make a complaint to China in the "plagiarism" and that he "firmly believes that China is modernizing its own aircraft with the introduction of technology components."
British magazine Jane's Defense Weekly published an article which said that China is headed for "deep understanding of technology Su-27/30" and that the charges of violating intellectual rights are "biased."
Australian Air Power Australia magazine writes that J-11B/BS just outside similar to Russian Sou-27SK and Su-30UBK, but the inside is absolutely the Chinese interior — digital data link, infrared detection system, "glass cockpit", EW system. According to the views of the magazine, China's own choices "own unique design." "In particular, J-11B/BS equipped with modern avionics, which has never existed in the Russian Su-27/30, in fact, even now the engines began to change for the Chinese," the magazine reported.

South American aerospace magazine Aviation Week & Space Technology has arranged commentary that Chinese J-11B fighter for its technologies and methods for mass production of "far distanced" from Su-27/30 and "became one step closer to Western standards." "If China longs to make a functional fighter, he is on his abilities will be equivalent to the South American F-15E», writes magazine. Further, the publication noted that in the current time, China is able to develop its own fighters of the last generation, and AWACS aircraft management, aircraft electronic warfare and a wide range of high-precision aircraft armament. How J-11BS/BSM go to PLA Air Force, China will get more opportunities to get over the Taiwan Strait, East China and South China seas, notes magazine.

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