China has developed MRL WS-2D with a range of 400 km

China has developed MRL WS-2D with a range of 400 km

PLA is developing a family of long-range missile systems, artillery units that will provide an opportunity to hit enemy targets on the "strategic" range, complementing the niche, suitable for short-range ballistic missiles.

China's export-import company clearly Engineering (CPMIEC) and the company "Sichuan Aerospace Industries' developed innovative MRL WS-2D (« Vey-Shi/Gardian-2D ") with a range of 400 km. Setting refers to the family MLRS WS-2, which were adopted by the PLA in 2004.

According to Chinese sites, weight and size properties of the WS-2D higher than the base version. Missile length of 8.1 m, width — 425 mm, compared with 7.15 m and 400 mm, respectively, in WS-2. Range Accuracy is 400 miles (200 km — the WS-2), which allows you to position this as owning more MLRS firing range in the world.

MLRS WS-2D is equipped with a guided missile. According to reports, the radial deviation of the probability missiles at maximum range of 600 meters for the least matching CWE WS-2 is 600 m at a distance of 200 km. As with WS-2, WS-2D can fill warhead types, including a new type of tape, which carries three specific UAV / homing missile. Sources say that the launcher can carry 6 to 9 missiles in transport-launch containers.

Information about the system WS-2D makes a great confidence in the earlier show a message about another aspect of MLRS WS-2. In 2007, Chinese sources said the development version of the WS-2C with a range of 300 km. According to them, the installation was intended, first, to defeat radar, as ships and ground targets. The missile was equipped with a passive radar homing, use the terminal phase of the trajectory.

According to the available disk imaging, in 2007-2008. Party MLRS WS-2 was sold to the Sudanese Armed Forces.

On special attention to the development of long-range missile systems show held on July 25 this year at the site, located on the coast of yellowish sea trial firings of MLRS PHL-03, the loaded package of 12 tubular rails with a 300-mm rockets. Artillery part of the installation package resembles guide Russian MLRS "Smerch" that the PLA, according to media reports, has bought in small quantities in the 1990s. Range shooting MLRS PHL-03 is 130 km.

According to some professionals, the emergence in the artillery units of the PLA long-range missile systems will allow to lower tensions around the deployment of ballistic missile launchers in the Taiwan Strait, did not significantly decrease with all this firepower of the PLA. At the current time, Taiwanese sources claim to place in the area up to 1500 PU Chinese missiles aimed at the Peninsula, including the short-range ballistic missiles, "Dongfeng-11" and "Dongfeng-15", also land-based cruise missiles, "Donghai-10." Given the fact that the width of the Taiwan Strait is from 130 to 220 km, with a range of MLRS to 400 km will be able to change some placed in the Taiwan missile launchers BR short range.

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