China has handed over the prize to Putin for his contribution to peace

As you know, the Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, expressed disagreement with the actions of the military operation in Libya, for which he was awarded the Peace Prize to the Chinese name Confucius. Founder of Merit, the writer Qiao Damo saw that Russian policy has a "right heart" because he was able to condemn attacks bombers, as a result of which the inhabitants were killed civilians and children. "

This award Confucius of China to become the government's response to the awarding of the Nobel Prize in 2010 to Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo, located on the moment in prison. This China announced to the world the fact that the de jure committee is independent from the Communist Party and the government. In connection with this decision, the organizers have decided to ignore the decision of the Ministry of Culture of China to abolish the award and decided all the same hand merit.

Arrival time service in the Kremlin, and who will serve not reported, golden statuette Confucius was transferred to two female students from Moscow, the ninth of December.

Just Beijing officials have found it necessary to support, diplomatic, temper management RF"The desires of people are reflected in the Russian Federation State Duma elections. China is deeply respect the people's choice RF, and will provide all support to the development of RF, that will match the state of the situation. "

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