China has learned to extend the life of the AL-31F engine

Stated about mastering technology overhaul to the extension of the resource up to 1500 hours

China has learned to extend the life of the engine AL-31F

In late August, a number of Chinese media said that the repair plant PLA Air Force 5719 N mastered the development of aircraft engine overhaul "third generation" with an increase in their share from 900 to 1500 hours. Under the third-generation combat aircraft in Chinese terminology refers fighters fourth-generation global ordering, such as the Su-27, J-11, J-10. From the context of that question on the progress in the development of engines AL-31F/FN renovation. A.2 gives an abridged translation of the text of the agency "Zhongguo sinven" August 28 "Chinese tehologiya renovation engines bovyh aircraft headed for third-generation advanced world level."

Development of reproduction (in practice: re-production, reproduction, whale. 再 制造) principal components of engines third-generation combat aircraft, without the help of others made by the 5719 People's Liberation Army destroyed the monopoly of the small western countries for renovation aircraft engines and is allowed to increment the duration of the life of engines third-generation combat aircraft from 900 to 1500 hours.

Situated on a plain near Chengdu, plant 5719 is now the PLA Air Force Armament Maintenance of equipment and is responsible for repair aircraft engines. It is commonplace repair company with a staff of the Air Force of 2,000 people in the last couple of years, sold 63 R & D, more than 20 programs marked the municipal and military rule for services in the field of technical progress. Made now to develop the renovation of aircraft engines have gained the advanced world level. Company's ability to repair aircraft engines grow rapidly. In 2004, its assets were evaluated only 1.1 billion yuan, and at the moment — in 2.9 billion yuan.

China has learned to extend the life of the engine AL-31F

In 2004, the line to repair certain types of new aircraft engines was only built engines batch of parts of the Air Force entered the company and waiting for repair. How to make power for mass repair of new engines in the small period of time?

Plant decided to break an old model of production and the system of interest, perform a complete overhaul of the production. After 8 months have been reallocated resources anew, changed the process of repair of engines, enhanced power — and time repair certain types of engines decreased by 27.3%. In the coming, in accordance with the requirements of the troops were made to repair the new configuration of power repair grew by more than 60% per year, was carried out the transition from repairing engines of second-generation combat aircraft (the same as the "world-wide" as the second — approx. Lane.) to repair engines third generation to work with one type of equipment to several types.

To the extent that adopted new types of combat aircraft in large quantities, and providing the necessary details of the main engines of the aircraft evenly turned into a question that depended Air Force combat abilities. Plant focused on solving the major research tasks, and without the help of others embodied the program from 21 to reproduce the main engine components for advanced international level, break the monopoly of the small western states for the renovation of aircraft engines. With all of this up-cycle engine airplane 3rd generation was increased from 900 to 1500 hours. Now one slider can serve as the 1.6 engine before, which provided a great military and economic benefits for the country.

Questions properties — it is a life line for the repair of aircraft engines. For warranty repair properties from 2005 plant 5719 made a "wall of warnings as" holds regular discussions on the maintenance of the property and encourages employees to continuous improvement in matters of property, instilling in them a sense of exclusivity. With 89-meter-high "Wall warnings as" marked all the catastrophes in the history of the Air Force in the air and on the ground, as more than 10 comparable severe incidents related to the quality of the plant that occurred in its history, everything is always in the eyes. The continued educational work provides its own effect: despite the fact that the number of engines repaired grows in the last 14 years there was no tragedy caused by the plant.

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