China has made a modular missile system

China has created a modular missile systemThe Chinese company has made a new CPMIEC modular operational-tactical missile complex and began offering it to export reports to Jane's.

Complex, which presumably can hit targets at a distance of 400 km, is the two types of launchers for various missiles on a mobile chassis. The index of the new complex is not specified. It is clear that it was created by the combination of 2-complexes — SY-400 and BP-12A, were in service in China. On a mobile platform WS 2400 wheel formula 8×8 has two vertical launchers for four missiles any. For the first, borrowed from the SY-400, used rocket-caliber 400 mm, and for the second, on the basis of BP-12A, — caliber 600 mm.

Technical properties of the modular complex yet unidentified. Individually, SY-400, and BP-12A have a range of up to 400 km. Both sets can be equipped with missiles with different types of warheads, including high-explosive, incendiary and high-explosive-cassette with cumulative fragmentation submunitions. Weight battle of an average of 200-300 kg.

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