China has put the tanks MBT-2000 in Morocco and Myanmar

China has put the tanks MBT-2000 in Morocco and MyanmarA Pakistan puts clarity in the history of Peru and criticizes the Chinese engines

Informed source in Pakistan's defense industry said the magazine Kanwa, that in 2009, China completed the delivery of tanks MBT-2000 in Morocco and Myanmar. According to sources, these second and third operator MBT-2000 after Pakistan, where tank received the designation of Al-Khalid. According to a note posted in the August issue of the magazine, Chinese engine is not ready to change the Ukrainian power plant, and Peru did not have enough money for the purchase of Chinese tanks.

The sources declined to specify the precise amount set out in the Morocco Myanmar and tanks, but noted that was delivered without modification lightweight thermal imagers (Western or Chinese origin) in order to save. Tanks Al-Khalid Pakistan army equipped thermal imagers produced by the French company Thales. Morocco is the first time gets the tanks in China.

China has put the tanks MBT-2000 in Morocco and Myanmar

Pakistani sources also said that the export contract for the supply of MBT 2000 /Al-Khalid in Peru all the same concluded. According to them, "reported that Ukraine had refused to supply engines for the 6TD-2 tanks of the party, which distributed some media do not correspond to reality. In accordance with the criteria of our agreement, Pakistan has reserved the right to import significant amounts of engines. It is a condition of the initial contract and the Ukraine should follow it. Export of Al-Khalid tanks in Peru is not directly have anything to do with Ukraine. On this day, the main problem is the question of payment on the part of Peru, and it is negotiating. " Ukraine will not make any public statements on the issue.

Source acknowledged that the level of technology and quality of tank engines made in China is not a hundred percent satisfied the requirements of international market and because the tanks «Al-Khalid» equipped with Ukrainian engines.

He also said of the brand-new, deeply modernized tank Al-Khalid II, on which work in Pakistan are close to completion. Among configurations — set engine 6TD-3 or German diesel engine capacity of 1500 l / s, advanced munitions, integrated data exchange system, one hundred percent automatic. Set to the current time on the «Al-Khalid» automatic laser systems and optical-electronic suppression performed with the introduction of technologies transferred from the Ukraine. "However, we do not plan to install anti-tank tanks launched from the gun barrel, because they found in the course of the exercise, the introduction of anti-tank that can affect the speed of the other ammo

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