China has sent to the disputed islands warships

China sent to the disputed islands warshipsChina announced that it directs Warships and aircraft to the area of the waters of the islands in the East China Sea, membership of which is in dispute between Japan and China.

The move is yet another spiral of escalation of the conflict that broke out because of the decision to purchase from Tokyo individual owner of the disputed Senkaku Islands (Diaoyu).

It is unlikely that the 11 Chinese ships will try to enter into the waters under the control of the Land of the Rising Sun, said the BBC. At the same time, none of the parties does not want to back down, and it is the first case in which the conflict are involved are not coastal patrol boats, and permanent armed forces.

Earlier it was reported that the patrol boats and fishing vessels in China perceive the role of naval exercises in the East China Sea near the disputed islands. "The purpose of the exercise is to handle the unexpected circumstances during operations to protect state sovereignty and maritime interests of the country", — said the representative of China Navy.

Relations between Japan and China worsened markedly after September 10 in Tokyo decided to purchase several islands Senkaku in various hosts. These islands are located in the disputed area. After buying on China to take a ride the wave of anti-Japanese speeches, a number of Japanese companies had to stop the work of its own factories in China because of the riots. On the territory also claimed by Taiwan.

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