China has shown a new main battle tank

China has shown a new main battle tankThe Chinese company NORINCO at DSA 2012 exhibition showed the new primary battle tank VT-2, made on the basis of a joint Sino-Pakistani MBT-2000 report Taringa. A promising development, which is the development of the upcoming tank family VT-1 and VT-1A, was presented at the exhibition model. Whether the government has shown any interest in buying a new tank is not yet clear.

Most of the technical characteristics of the promising Chinese tank is not yet clear. VT-2 is equipped with a turbocharged 800-horsepower diesel engine (likely setting and option motor power of 1500 hp), manual (not excluded and installing automatic transmission), stable in 2-planes 125 mm caliber gun and automatic loader.

In addition, on VT-2 can be installed remotely controlled machine gun, composite armor, fire control system with image stabilization, an infrared camera and a laser rangefinder. Tank can be used in adverse weather criteria of days and NIGHT MODE.

According to the publication, the Ministry of Defense of Peru earlier planned to procure 140 Chinese tanks VT-1A. For the tests have been bought 5 of these tanks took part in the military parade in 2009. But later, Peru to sign a contract with China refused. According to unofficial data, the reason for this was the highest price tanks — about five million dollars apiece.

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