China. In search of carrier-based fighter

China.  In search of carrier-based fighter

China is in talks with "dry" for the purchase of deck-based fighters Su-33 Russian production. Media reported that negotiations for the purchase of the Su-33 have stalled, but the people that are relevant to the issue, they say that China, as before, are keen to acquire these aircraft. According to some reports, Our homeland invited China purchase carrier-based fighters MiG-29K, which are currently being supplied the Indian Navy.

Clearly China wants to make his own version of the Su-33, but for various reasons, can not solve this puzzle without the help of others. Because the Chinese representatives again and again vorachivayutsya in Russia to try purchase the right technology and to achieve a step-by-step progress in developing its own aircraft carrier-based combat.

A notable source of Jane's reports that the "dry" may provide China with 12 front-line Sukhoi Su-33 for the creation of a training squadron for training pilots carrier-based aircraft, and then implement 36 new fighter aircraft of this type. Aircraft assembly required to have the latest avionics, similar to that found on the Su-35. Earlier KB them. Dry and KNAAPO offered to equip the aircraft equipment from the Su-30MK2. But now that the "dry" and "MiG" merged into a single holding company, our home offers China the purchase of new MiG-29K. As reported by Jane's, a Russian bureaucrat said there was no point in resuming the construction of new Sou-33, when a fighter is being developed fifth-generation T-50.

Earlier it was reported that China purchased in Ukraine mock deck of aircraft T-10K. However, this plane was one of the first experimental models of the Su-33 and has a huge number of design flaws that were fixed later.

In China, there are two groups — a group of industrialists, who longs to do deck plane based on J-11B (Copying Sou-27), and a group of soldiers who want to buy Russian planes. This conflict must be settled by the command of the PLA.

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