China in Syria

Not so long ago in Syria Rebels captured a Chinese Type 120 radar used in the current time by Syrian soldiers. This radar usually part of the anti-missile system HQ-9. China may sell HQ-9 in Iran, which in turn passed radar Type 120 Syria (as is already the case with many other Chinese military hardware). There is an indication of the complex HQ-9 has been found in Syria, but it can be well sheltered. In general, China is implementing to those who can pay.

Radar Type 120 is transported and used in accordance with languid truck. This radar can be brought into operation less than fifteen minutes, and rolled into a stowed position for 10 minutes. Radar JY-11B has a greater detection range of 300 km. China supplies for export complex HQ-9 and type radar120 for many years, but until now it was not clear from the presence of Syrian radar Type 120.

About 10 years ago China began to arm its army and navy complexes HQ-9. During more than 10 years of development, the Chinese used the stolen data of similar American and Russian systems. HQ-9 missile is similar to the South American "Patriot" and radar markedly learned a huge amount of technology used in the Russian S-300. Most range missiles HQ-9 is about 100 km, it weighs 1.3 tons and has a passive homing.

Most of the complexes HQ-9 used in the Chinese army, are mobile. Army battalion HQ-9 is composed of a command Fri (team car and four trucks communication and maintenance), six battalions (each with a team car, car radar target detection, car radar target tracking, with eight launchers either with 4 missiles in containers).

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