China increases military presence near the border with Myanmar

China intensifies military presence on the borders with MyanmarOnce on the ground Myanmar fighting broke out between the acts of the government forces and the so-referred to as rebels, government China decided to transfer the fighting army troops closer to the border with his restless neighbor. Martial acts began in the northern state of Myanmar, which borders China. In this state — Kachin — confrontation between the rebels and the regular army forces appear quite often. The last of these controversies manifested about 1.5 years ago. Then eventually died fighting not only the representatives of the opposing forces, and the peaceful inhabitants.

This time right after the fighting began refugees from Kachin State rushed toward the Chinese border to escape the bullets. Chinese authorities did not cover the border to refugees, but have decided to strengthen the area adjacent to the Myanmar forces of the PLA in the number of extra few hundred fighters, armored vehicles and tracking systems.

With the advent of the conflict in Myanmar China must pay their attention not only on the disputed islands Dyaoyyudao (Senkaku). Here lately China plans to set clock surveillance of the territory of islands using unmanned aerial vehicles. It is worth recalling that marked the island are the subject of heated debate between China and Japan, and the country rather sharply expressed that would be willing to take the most decisive actions in the case of "capture" the islands opponents.

If we talk about other regional dilemmas China, it can affect question and certain claims of the official Beijing and Russia. Despite the fact that between China and the outside of our state now fairly peaceful reign of the case, developing trade, delivered products China towards Russia, Celestial not be removed from the territorial claims against Moscow.

One of the controversial, according to the views China issues is border with 2 between countries in the region of the Altai Republic. The Chinese are going to offer Moscow move deeper into the border of, passing by China several hundred hectares of mountainous terrain. Such a discrepancy is open a discussion last fall, but no shift of borders did not work out. Only China is ready as ever to raise territorial question.

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