China invaded the countryside Land of the Rising Sun

6 Chinese warships entered Japanese territorial waters, which Tokyo considers its own. This is the most massive in the history of the demonstrative visit China ships in waters disputed islands.

Coast guard Land of the Rising Sun said the ships appeared on September 14 at 01:20 Moscow time minutes for 22 kilometers to the north of the island of Taisho. Later, three ships have gone into international waters, others continue to patrol near the disputed territories. The Japanese coast guard said that sought to take away all the ships, but surrendered only three captains.

"Diaoyu — the Chinese territory. This ship makes legitimate maneuvers. We urge you to immediately leave these waters, "- said in a telegram of the 1st of the Chinese ships. Minister of Agriculture of China said that the patrol boats are designed to ensure the sovereignty of the country and to protect Chinese fishermen. Meanwhile in Tokyo created the crisis headquarters of the Office of the Prime Minister Minister.'s Foreign Ministry Land of the Rising Sun called Chinese salting, who handed a note of protest to the actions of the Chinese ships.

The scandal erupted after the Japanese government bought three Sept. 11 from 5 islands disputed with China in various hosts. Beijing announced the nationalization of the illegal and null and void, reminding Land of the Rising Sun the historical ownership of the islands to China. The Chinese Foreign Ministry acquisition Islands by the Japanese government considered the claim to territorial sovereignty of China and warned that if Japan does not cancel its decision, the incident could threaten "severe consequences."

In protest against the actions of Land of the Rising Sun Chinese bureaucrats cancel visits to the country, adjustments are made to the festive and sporting events, RIA announcements. For example, in Shanghai, the new name will citywide marathon since the mid 90's took place under the name of the Japanese company, in addition to a role in a river parade, usually held in Shanghai to mark the founding of the PRC on October 1, will not allow the Japanese ships.

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