China is developing an electric rail gun

China is developing an electromagnetic rail gunDr. Institute of National Defense of China in the forum web site listed 6 benefits and the introduction of four electric rail gun.

In-1's, the high-speed, highest precision, long range and very powerful kinetic energy ammunition. Application such shells dramatically reduces the time bomb reaching is the area damage, the goal is destroyed by a direct hit.

In-2, the projectile has a small size and weight. Such type of projectile 120mm in 8-10 times less than conventional munition similar caliber that can dramatically increment quantity of ammunition on the media, especially by lowering the load on the system of logistics (logistics). For example, if the ship carries 70 missiles, equipped with electric rail gun can increment the amount of ammunition to several hundred.

B-3, such shell is very stable in flight, because the pressure in the barrel of the gun, an electric pulse generated by its own physics very uniform and easily controlled, as it should, the projectile is actually a perfect line of traffic and a higher accuracy of defeat.

B-4, electric gun perfectly camouflaged, with the shooting does not appear no smoke, no fire, no shock that allows you to create covert firing at the enemy. In addition, the increased security implementation tools.

C-5's, on the electric gun, you can simply adjust the power of the momentum transferred to the projectile, depending on the distance to the target.

Sixth, a tool more efficiently. Compared with the use of conventional ammunition electric munition 10 times cheaper. Development of such tools is only but in future it is going to be very effective means of warfare.

As for the areas of implementation of electric guns, then there are several. In 1-x, they can be used in the interests of gallakticheskoy missile defense. Gun, owns a lot of energy can provide settlement LEO satellites and launch vehicles.

In-2, guns can be used in air defense system. South American experts believe that in the future anti-aircraft guns could drive electric aircraft missiles, can also be used to intercept long-range anti-ship missiles.

B-3, these guns can be a very effective anti-tank gun. Tests in the U.S. showed that electric projectile caliber of 25 mm and weighing 50 grams can reach speeds of up to 3 km / s, providing the very highest armor.

B-4, such guns will be part of the field artillery, dramatically increasing the range of target destruction — up to 150 km.

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