China is preparing for war with Russia

China accelerated pace builds roads on the border with Russia. Celestial Communications useful for transporting troops frisky in the event of an armed conflict with Russia. Our country, according to experts, is not able to resist suffering from overpopulation and other southern might lose Far East and Siberia.

In Jiayin County, Heilongjiang Province is actively laying 2-highways — 114-km section of the Heihe — Jiayin and a 103-kilometer highway Suybin — Jiayin. This writes the "Free Press". The opening movement of the entire length of highways is planned on October 1 this year. Also, near the border with Russia began construction of a number of second-class roads. Interlocutor "SP" which paper calls "an expert on China's dilemmas," Alexander Aladdin sure — is preparing for war. Aladdin earlier appealed to the Constitutional Court to review the agreement with China to transfer to China of the islands in the Amur. He believes that this is a threat to the strategic security of Khabarovsk, Far East and most of in the future.

"At the direction of the borders of the Russian Federation, China has broadband is building roads on a concrete base to withstand the load when the transfer of the heavy equipment and weapons — said in an interview with Aladdin" Free Press. " — With the commissioning of the transport infrastructure, China can easily flip troops and equipment along the border with Russia, and to conduct offensive operations to strategic directions of principle. "

Give other southern islands on the Amur was a strategic mistake, I'm sure the source "joint venture."

"At the beginning of the war the Chinese army will be in Khabarovsk in two — three hours, so part of the Big Ussuri Island belongs to China, and the other part of the Russian Federation with access to the city down — says Aladdin. — Earlier in the peninsula was fortified in the event of hostilities, he covered the city, now it is not, it is eliminated. The city was left without cover, while taking the town will be taken on-Amur railway bridge and cut the steel and auto roads, Far East will be cut off from Russia. The forthcoming his fate will be decided by China in a matter of weeks. Our homeland does in fact assist fails, it has no powers and abilities. The army is demoralized and disorganized. Armament for the most part fallen into disrepair, no new or enters into force in limited quantities.

After the modernization of the army from it's nothing left, not counting the 85 untrained crews. The total reduction of the army, the officers left Far East and Eastern Siberia without power from the outer cover the enemy. "

China is preparing for war, and every year increases its own military budget, said the expert. At the moment it is 78 billion dollars, and "hidden part of it may be another 30-40 per cent of that amount." The Army and Navy of China are equipped with the most modern weapons, in the event of war, the Chinese will be able to cast more than 200 million gun fighter. After a series of attacks that will kill the energy system in the east RF and plunged the population into a panic will begin large-scale military actions.

"The beginning of a large-scale offensive operations along the land border and landing troops in the north of the Russian Federation over the full, frisky victory for China and rejection territory of Russia to the Urals. After all of the territory up to the Urals is conquered, the Russians will be deported to the Urals or destroyed. Favorites are not judged "- predicts Alexander Aladdin.

Cooperation between Russia and China in the economic sphere, it also considers the preparation for the seizure of Siberia and the Far East.

"Russia will provide the raw material base the Far East and Eastern Siberia, the Chinese. The agreement includes joint development of Russian fields, but the processing and manufacturing enterprises will be based on the Chinese countryside.

The Chinese have us build border crossing points, bridges, roads to the fields and will be engaged in their development, brick factories, housing. This is all done in order to take out our raw materials to China and processed there. From a military point of view, this is all you need to occupy areas that were faster troops and military equipment into the RF.

China given gold and silver deposits, strategic raw material of tungsten, molybdenum, copper and vanadium. It's all go back to Russia in the form of tanks, planes and missiles. The dwelling, built by the Chinese, will need for their own people. As China comes here thoroughly and forever "- convinces Aladdin.

With this version agrees and managing the analytical department of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis, Alexander Hramchihin.

"In the construction of concrete road along the Russian-Chinese border is very traced her specialty as a belt road — in other words, the road parallel to the front of the band — he says. — China, Indeed, very interested in the invasion of our Far East — just by impartial accidents. The fact is that China will not be able to survive without expanding their own territory. "

According to the views of a professional, China will try to do without violent conflict, and to do all peaceful methods. But in the event of a crisis, would start a war without hesitation.

"The plan is designed rejection of our territories, I think, for the next few decades. The main task of the coming of China — to solve the Taiwan issue. And then Russia will take the Chinese seriously. They do not even hide themselves "- convinces Hramchihin.

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