China is preparing to conduct combat operations in the Himalayas

China conducted exercises with the use of aircraft, tanks and artillery in Tibet before the Beijing threw back the fighters, and paved the road to the border with India. The territorial dispute as before overshadows the case with 2 between the Asian giants.

During the maneuvers, which took place at an altitude of 4700 meters, the first time used real ammunition, the newspaper said the People's Liberation Army China "Tsefansiungpao." From her post, it was a big operation. It was attended by military aircraft, tanks, helicopters and even electrical units of the war.

Although the area where the battle was training was not disclosed, the Western media imply that Chinese troops tend to be prepared for a military confrontation with India. Indeed, in 1962, the two Asian giants meet on the battlefield. And from that time bolshennye, though desolate terrain in the Himalayas remain in dispute, "Nezavisimaya newspaper. "

Divide, said the agency AP, expressed concern about the fact that China increases military troops near the border of India, is building a new base and increasing its military ties with Pakistan.

For these policy trends China Not so long ago pointed out in an interview with reporters, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. According to him, China may be tempted to use the "soft underbelly of India" — Kashmir, Pakistan in order to achieve a dominant influence in South Asia. India should take account of these realities.

But how realistic worst-case scenario, which often mention the Western media? In other words, is there any reason to talk about the recent war in the probable Himalayas?

In India itself there are different interpretations of China's strategy in South Asia. Thus, the last Foreign Secretary Kanwal Sibal pointed out that the political process in Beijing is covered with such zaavesyu fog, it is very difficult to make accurate conclusions about its long-term plans.

According to the newspaper Hindustan Times, in the middle of the Indian analysts even formed different school assessment strategy of China. Adherents of some of them justify that median government looks down on India, says her state has not overcome the chaos. Because China is a very unceremoniously reminiscent of his own claim to the whole Indian Arunachal Pradesh and does not recognize Kashmir a part of India.

But another part of Indian scholars, in contrast, believes that Beijing regards as unsafe Divide rival for influence in Asia. In 1-x, India overtakes China in terms of economic growth. In-2, Divide nuclear deal with Washington, which cleared the way for a rapprochement with the United States and massive supply of U.S. arms to India.

This means that in the future, India may enter into cobble together an informal alliance of America, designed to contain China's rise. Because Beijing has decided to keep their powder dry in Tibet and India recall that an advantage in military power — on his side.

And yet the final steps of Chinese management clearly indicate that it is not lust worsening territorial dispute with India. Proof of this was the visit by Premier Wen Jiabao, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Yang Jiechi and other prominent party leaders and municipal Indian Pavilion at the Shanghai global exhibition.

The Indian press links this demonstration of good emotions in relation to each other with the planned for December visit to India, Prime Minister Wen. China is committed to making the right atmosphere the other day of this trip.

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