China is ready to build aircraft carriers — the head of state of the shipbuilding

China is ready to build more aircraft carriers. This was stated by now the head of the China State Shipbuilding Company Hu Wenming. Specifically at its shipyard held retrofit purchased from Ukraine heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser "Varyag", which entered into service the Chinese navy under the name "Liaoning".

"China — only one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, which has no aircraft carriers, made entirely on their own, "- told the press Hu Wenming. According to him, his company is ready build more "air bases on the sea."

Chinese municipal shipbuilding company — Second in the world after South Korean "Hyundai Heavy Industries." This company developed and produced a huge part of air navigation systems installed on the "Liaoning", adopted by the People's Liberation Army Naval Forces on September 25 of this year.

"We need to increase their own development and production facilities for the production of tools and equipment to make up for the lack of them in the country, and without the help of others to build their aircraft carriers," — said the president of the company.

Hu Wenming declined to say when and how many will be built Chinese aircraft carriers, referring to the fact that such plans — "the prerogative of the central government." Coupled with the fact, he said that China will build aircraft carriers with the introduction of catapult technology. Aircraft from aircraft carriers of "Varyag" soar with the flight deck with a springboard.

China, according to experts, has no plans to equip its own aircraft carrier Russian carrier-based fighters. "We did not have the Chinese side of the respective requests" — told reporters at the air show in Zhuhai managing the delegation of "Rosoboronexport" Air Force Chief of Department Sergey roots.

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