China is suspected of cyber attacks (The Telegraph, England)

China is suspected of cyber attacks ("The Telegraph", UK)China blame the hacker organization the operation, which lasted 5 years, and associated with the theft of municipal and industrial secrets in unparalleled scale. A prerequisite for the charges was the investigation carried out by one of the leading Internet companies, which revealed a severe breach of security at the international level.

More than 70 organizations, including the UN, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and defense companies from Britain and the United States, presumably victims of the attack, which implied "one of the states."

Specializing in Internet security company McAfee not laid directly responsible for China, but are independent security experts say that the choice of targets — for example, some of them before the Olympics in 2008 became Olympic Committee — makes Beijing more possible culprit.

"Everything points to the China, — commented news on cyber security expert from the Center for Strategic and International research James Lewis (James Lewis) — can recall three similar large projects ascribed to China. Such schemes we've seen. "

Traces of attacks leading to one computer server, said McAfee in its own 14-page report, adding that some networks, including the network of the Geneva secretariat of the United Nations, have been infected with malware or harmful activity for 2-years.

"Even for us to surprise these casualties from the attacks of organizations. Nerve criminals is staggering, "- says the vice-president McAfee Research Dmitri Alperovitch security threats.

"Companies and governments are often exposed to computer crime and violence, giving an economic advantage and municipal lurking unscrupulous rivals. Naikrupneyshy goes in the history of the redistribution of wealth in intellectual property, "- he added.

While it is unclear for what purpose was used the stolen information, which could enter the hidden information about U.S. weapons systems and satellite communications.

In addition to the governments of the United States, Taiwan, India, South Korea, Vietnam and Canada have become victims of the attacks of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the Global Anti-Doping Agency and a number of specialized in the development of large companies.

Some experts, in general, are advised not to rush to incriminate China, which often denies any involvement in the attacks, attributing them to the account-independent players in their own country or other nations that use it as a cover-up.

The report was released to open in Las Vegas conferences Black Hat and Defcon, where special on security and hackers are going to open a discussion growing danger of cyber attacks.

Earlier this year, senior members of the Obama administration called on to make in the Geneva and Hague conventions governing the rules of war, a configuration that would reflect the possibility kiberudara on civilian objects such as hospitals and power plants.

South American security forces do not hide their own eagerness to strengthen the ability of the U.S. to resist kiberudaram. Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies in an open recruit staff in Las Vegas.

National Security Agency (NSA) also comes in a number of those who hope to find future employees among hackers and programmers who paid 150 bucks for an anonymous registration for the conference Defcon.

"Today, we are looking for programmers, rather than professionals on missiles — Reuters said Richard George (Richard George), technical director at the agency in charge of the Security cybersecurity disk imaging NSA. — At the moment we are in the race in this area, and we need the best of the best, who are able to become cyber warriors. "

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