China is the North

China is the NorthIssues related to the Arctic, in recent years, produced an extraordinary relevance. In those showing global warming, the region is increasingly seen as a global pantry of minerals and other resources to be rapid development, making it a place of conflict of interest of global powers, which in the future could become the main arena of global confrontation. Many researchers have seriously they say that the 21st century will be the century Arctic. In their opinion, the Arctic is able to do not only the role of the global pantry energoelementov and other resources, and to become the second majestically Silk Road — an important transport hub logistichekim uniting the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, the future Eurasian alliance and North American region. The shortest path connecting these regions will be particularly through the Arctic.

The other day, on our website A. Volodin material was posted under the title "Is it worth it to prepare for the great war of the Arctic." The creator said that the struggle for Arctic rapidly enter the country without her specific geographic business, in other words non-Arctic powers, namely, China. We'll talk more about that.

How does China, which has no specific release to the Arctic Ocean, is able to seriously claim development Arctic? — The answer is simple: in this he can fully assist countries unable to without the help of others, and to compete in the region with such giants as Canada, the U.S., and even more so with Russia, not unreasonably purports to be considered the lion's share of the Arctic Ocean continuation of its own continental shelf (remember the expedition A.Chilingarova and hoisting the old days on the ocean at the North Pole of the flag of the Russian Federation).

State to promote the use China in the Arctic, is Denmark.

Denmark openly supports China's eagerness to participate in the discussions on Arctic policy. This was announced last fall Danish salting in China: "China has in the Arctic legitimate scientific and economic interests." Denmark supports the entry of China into Arctic council, which also includes: USA, Canada, Norway, and our homeland, as Sweden, Finland and Iceland.

Greenland is an autonomous territory of Denmark, has a myriad of minerals, most of which are still hidden under the ice shield which, but it is not an insurmountable obstacle in their development, even more so that the area and power is declining rapidly. Kind whatsoever, and regardless of how seriously and actively global warming, Greenland be successfully played the role of the bait, which perfectly bite China recognized global power and an enviable ally malehankih the Danish kingdom.
Cooperation of Denmark and China, initially expressed in enhancing trade between the two countries-name, strengthening from year to year, evenly growing into a true ally of the case. But the main reason this friendship is, of course, all of the same Greenland minerals. Greenland — the only region of the Arctic, which has not yet made their active extraction.

China buys Danish intensive machines and drugs, produces container transport, using the services of Maersk, in other words, China is helping the Danish economy the way it is in general can be.

China — Is not the only party claiming the development of the Greenland underground riches.
At the local market, while dominated mining companies from Australia and Britain, albeit small, but with their own interests and, of course, enjoy the support of their own governments. Yet, in the case came to Greenland large Chinese mining companies that decide to invest in the economy of this island their money, they will take advantage of unquestioned support of the Danish government. Naturally, the Chinese companies will be imported from the PRC own countrymen-workers, who will remain forever in Greenland, and the population of this island will be terrible not descendants of Vikings, Normans, and Asians-Chinese.

Serious indication purposes China develop the Arctic is building its own icebreaker fleet. Now, China has only one operational icebreaker, but by 2014, China will build a new icebreaker 8 thousand tons displacement, and this should be considered only the beginning …
The struggle for resources in the Arctic is becoming more intense, and the latter-day world powers, first in China, will play it all the more important role. Helping the newest superpower will be representatives of the weakening of Europe, seeking to somehow stay afloat and look for a new, albeit somewhat unexpected, allies. So, Denmark opens door to Beijing in the Arctic, developing joint projects for the development of natural resources in Greenland.

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