China made a pirated copy of the Su-33, guessing the hidden Russian technology

China has established a "pirated" copy of the Su-33, guessing the secret Russian technology

Shenyang Aircraft Company of China made a copy of the Russian carrier-based fighter Su-33. The model has received the title of J-15 (Jian-15), "Interfax" referring to the May issue of the publication of a noble military Kanwa Asian Defence, which is released in Canada and Hong Kong.

As a base for Chinese fighter ace is taken plane T10K Russian times, who went to China from Ukraine. Earlier, Chinese engineers are not able to solve the problem of a folding wing deck fighters, but now the task is solved.

It remains unclear whether the new made plane First test flight. After the industrial test fighter will be sent to the center of the Air Force in Yanlyane because the Chinese Navy does not own testing center for naval aviation.

Previously, Beijing tried to purchase from the Russian Federation two Su-33, so see more aircraft performance properties of the model, but Moscow has refused to implement, for fear of leakage of technology and keeping in mind the situation with the aircraft J-11, says RBC.

Recall that our motherland, wishing to enter the Chinese arms market, has transferred to Beijing "screwdriver" assembly of Su-27SK, but this step is not justified itself. Ultimately China identified technology, modernized aircraft and began to organize the mass creation, calling it the J-11. So Makar, China may oust Russia from the arms market of third countries, experts surmise.

Our homeland began deliveries of the Su-27SK in China in 1992. Then there was a contract for 76 fighter aircraft of this class, and in 1995 Russia sold the license to create a further 200 aircraft. Since 1996, under the name J-11, they were built in Shenyang with the introduction of Russian components.

By 2003, our home delivered 95 sets of J11, a further 105 China did not sign the contract. Officially, the Chinese side explained to withdraw from the agreement one-sided limited combat capabilities of aircraft. Evenly started growing share of Chinese components and eventually headed for 90%. Already in 2007, China has shown the first models of the model J-11B — almost a complete copy of the Su-27SMK.

Now China has established a batch creation fighter J-10, J-11 and FC-1, which are copies of Russian Su-27/30 and MiG-29. Recently, China wants to build and implement more than 1,200 fighters at prices below the Russian "originals".

Properties of Russian Su-33

Sou-33 deck fighter is the fourth generation and is in service with the Russian Navy in 1991. The first flight of a fighter, developed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau, was held in 1987. Since 1992, in Komsomolsk-on-Amur was started mass creation.

The Su-33 is designed for the air defense of naval ships from enemy air attack. Made on a "triplane" with front canards mounted on the influx of the wing. Fighter also equip the folding wings and stabilizer. The system of refueling in the air with the output toplivopriemnoy post.

Armament of the Su-33 includes a built-gun, anti-ship missile "Mosquito" missiles and air-to-air. Aircraft to equip the massive sighting system consisting of radar and optical-radar system, allowing the enemy to storm the plane in full radio silence.

In the cockpit are piloting and navigation equipment, allowing to make flying and combat tasks during all weather conditions. The information is displayed on the background of the windshield. By plane used helmet-mounted target designation system type NSTS-1. This system produces a seizure homing missiles goal, which is focused on sight, mounted on the helmet of the pilot.

The plane has no analogues in the middle of zabugornyh machines and significantly superior to the P-14 and P-18 — the main carrier-based fighter aircraft of the Navy and U.S. Marine Corps.

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