China-made fighter fifth generation, threatening Russian T-50

China has established a fifth-generation fighter, threatening Russian T-50China, according to some reports, without the help of others made a mock plane fifth generation using "stealth" technology — it can go up in the air right now. First image stealth aircraft appeared on the web in late December, but so far it is not clear where did the data and photos as they are authentic. The Chinese Ministry of Defence has left a sensational photo without comment, report "News".

Given that the Chinese government is in control of aggressive all media in the country, and photos up to now available to view online at some Chinese resources, it looks as if the network were omitted intentionally, observers say.

Interviewed influential South American edition of The Wall Street Journal experts they say that the photos seem real to them. Some signs point to the fact that before the test flight of the "Chinese stealth" only a matter of weeks, if not days are. Meanwhile, the South American military indicate that while there is a question only of the layout, and from the creation of the fighter's "stealth" China is still years away.

Photo anticipated new Chinese fighter instill fear that China earlier than expected to provide themselves preponderance of military power in the western Pacific Ocean, writes the British The Guardian. Sverhtehnologichny weapons China will become a hindrance for the Air Force and the U.S. Navy in the demonstration of their power in the Taiwan area and other coastal areas of China.

"The picture seems to be an experienced model shows J-20 fighter at the time of the tests on the runway. Photos circulating on the web since last week and fuels speculation that Chinese fighter jet Fifth-generation fly earlier than expected, "- says the article. Maybe a picture telephoto lens is made near aviakonstruirovaniya Institute in Chengdu. Creator photo is unknown, the origin of the image and human motives, which it spreads, the question of its authenticity — a mystery.

News of the fighters came at a sensitive time — the other day of the summit, where Barack Obama and Hu Jintao will try to remove bilateral disagreements quoted observation The Guardian InoPressa.

Chinese fighter threatens Russian T-50

China has established a fifth-generation fighter, threatening Russian T-50Meanwhile, the acting chief of Hong Kong Military News Agency analytical Kanwa Andrew Chan, told Itar-Tass that the China without the help of others made fighter fifth-generation J-20 — "Jian-20" — and now proceeds to the test.

According to Chan, on Wednesday in the town of Chengdu in Sichuan Province have been testing ground fighter, and its test flight could take place "right now, if the weather will allow."

Calling the design of the aircraft and its maneuverability "very impressive," Chan stressed that the Chinese aircraft manufacturers for comparable short term have gained tremendous progress. The fighter aircraft engine set made in China — WS-10 ("Taihang") in the upgraded version.

According to a professional, although there is a speech about the plane fifth-generation Chinese car "still does not meet any standards inherent in Russian fighter T-50 and F-22 South American." Shortcomings in the middle of J-20, he called a lack of engine power, the inability to produce flying at supersonic speeds, and the imperfection of the radar system and the "stealth" technology.

According to Chan, the current layout, the faster refers to the plane of the 4 +, which can then be brought to the fifth generation by improving the engines, radar and other equipment.

The new fighter is fully capable of making konkurentnst Russian producers in the international market, as it will be much cheaper, Chief Editor of the agency Kanwa.

China has established a fifth-generation fighter, threatening Russian T-50Note that a "China risk" to the Russian aircraft industry they say, not only in China. China for 10's years mastered the Russian military technology, and is now beginning to strong exports, undermining Russia's position in the middle of the developing countries and threatening to change the balance of power in a number of hot pixels, celebrated a month back The Wall Street Journal, analyzing technology policy of China and its first results.

"Epochal shift" on the views WSJ, is clearly reflected in the November exhibition Airshow China in Zhuhai. Previously, there was glistening aerobatic team "Russian Knights", and Our homeland has signed multibillion-dollar contracts. Now the RF exposure was not the 1st real aircraft, some plastic models, but were presented in surplus military technology of China ("almost entirely based on Russian know-how"), and the star of the show were members of the Pakistani aerobatic team Sherdils, who spoke on fighter aircraft of Russian origin who are now produced in China and Pakistan.

China does not smuschyaetsya "clone" Russian combat aircraft. So, namely, came from the famous Su-27, which Chinese engineers have turned to fighter J-11B. Similar products of China started to export beyond the limit, taking away earnings from Russian defense industries and causing outrage in Moscow.

China has established a fifth-generation fighter, threatening Russian T-50Now the "China threat" can be hung over the Russian aircraft fifth generation — fighter T-50 (PAK FA), tests which began last year. The first flight of the most advanced Russian military machine was held on 29 January at the Aircraft Production Association, which is part of the holding "Dry" in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

Russia plans to become the second country after the United States, which are armed with the latest generation of fighters. Americans consume plane F-22 Raptor at the cost of more than 140 million dollars. In 2009, the U.S. administration and the Senate have decided to suspend the establishment of the F-22, saving on this 1.75 billion dollars. The majority of senators supported President Barack Obama, which sought to turn away from spending on expensive and not very necessary planes, going to the creation of new fighter-bombers, F-35 Lightning II.

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