China masters the creation of new anti-aircraft

China develops new anti-submarine aircraft productionChinese company SAIC (Shaanxi Aircraft Industry) based on Y-8 transport was created by a new anti-submarine aircraft. According to unconfirmed reports, the project bears the title Gaoxin-6 (G-6). Perhaps in the G-6 aircraft technology used in some electronic reconnaissance EP-3E Orion II South American production that China received in 2001.

In the area of Hainan Island in April 2001 in the air facing the Chinese J-8II (interceptor) and south american EP-3E (electronic reconnaissance aircraft). As a result, the collision has died Chinese the pilot, and EP-3E was obliged to make an emergency landing. The result of the incident became an international diplomatic conflict, received the title of "Hainan incident." China occupied aircraft was returned to the U.S. in June of this year, unassembled.

Many believe that dismantling the South American aircraft, China has received a number of technologies that have been used in it. EP-3E was created on the basis of P-3C Orion (anti-aircraft). It uses the system applied at the base machine. After the return to owners, EP-3E was again assembled, repaired and put into the United States Navy.

In the picture of Chinese anti-submarine aircraft, which hit the Web, shows plane, having four turboprop engine. Each propeller engine has 6 blades. The nose of the aircraft radar system has a container. The tail portion has a longish tail support in which, apparently is a magnetometer.

The underside of the fuselage hatches armed with inner compartment for sonobuoys and weapons. Official data on a brand new plane yet. If G-6 is really antisubmarine plane, He is the first big machine of this type made in China.

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