China: No obstacles will not stop us

I. Clicks and lies

Through the official mouthpiece of the Chinese "People's Daily" reported Comrade Hua Yiwen — clearly and loudly, saying his language — on the obstacles to be overcome to China:

"When the Philippines again raised the issue with the peninsula Huanyandao, China took the initiative and in the end only strengthened the position of the peninsula by strengthening its own de facto control.

When Vietnam again became muddy the waters in the South China Sea, China has struck a confident and powerful counterpunch: Sansha city was built, and in the waters of the Nansha Islands was declared a Chinese bid to find oil and gas deposits.

China: "No obstacles will not stop us"

Faced with a provocation by the Japanese government, the Chinese authorities in turn fastened his position, and by a number of measures have defended the territorial sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands and the limited ability of the Land of the Rising Sun to influence the situation in the region.

All these problems are occurring at sea expanses of China, are obstacles to the rise of China — obstacles that China must overcome. "

Style just like in Lenin's article "Party Organization and Party Literature" in 1905. In it Lenin shouted: "… the socialist proletariat should put forward the principle of party literature, to develop this principle and carry it out to be a full and integrated form. <…> Down with literary personages without party affiliation, "and here in the clique vinyl comrades from the camp back:" "I have to give you, in the name of freedom of speech, a right to shout, to lie and to write anything. But you owe me, in the name of freedom of association, the right to grant or terminate conclude an alliance with people saying this and that. " Rhetoric is the more. The leader of the world proletariat put it quite clearly: Party Literature will contain crystal clear — about the same as conscience Cheka — the truth, and the accursed bourgeoisie had no choice as a "scream" and "lie." And here is the argument: "The freedom of the bourgeois writer, artist or actress is just a disguised (or masked krivodushno) depending on the currency bag, on corruption, on prostitution. And we socialists expose this hypocrisy, we break fake signs — not in order to get a non-class literature and art (it will be only in a socialist society, non-class), and in order to hypocritically-free, but in fact related with the bourgeoisie to oppose the literature really-free, openly linked with the proletariat literature. "

A century later, Lenin's shrill rhetoric used by the Chinese of the "People's Daily" — the newspaper, which is best (and official) Peking propaganda mouthpiece. All of the islands — ours and everyone who thinks they are not ours — muddy water. And this is for you — "counterattack."

"The whole of the Social-Democratic literature — he wrote — should become the party. All newspapers, magazines, publishing houses, etc., must act immediately for the reorganization work, the preparation of such provisions, that they were completely on those or other basis in those other party or organization. "

All the islands have to be Chinese, and if some of the island is still not Chinese, China should carry out the work and arrange it so that they come to be considered part of the Chinese countryside. 2-views can not be here — you're either a liar and a screamer, or Chinese, which owns the island.

Comrade Hua Yiwen warns that China has already gone "weak little out of the way of the state." He also explains that China is a peaceful way of development, but if useful, the Communist Party can order and go (again same recall Lenin) the other way.

So quietly and peacefully develop, the Chinese "have a conscience nezapyatannoy build up strength and obstinately to expand their opportunities." The journalist writes: "Let's do it — and no obstacle we will not be afraid." Similarly, neither the 1st liar and a loudmouth remains.

"In today's China, the criteria to resolutely use the prototype as its military action and cooperation skills. By focusing on the real economic and military power, and guided by the principles of rationality, utility and legality, China must achieve in order to let the world understand what the guidelines and objectives of its foreign policy. "

In other words, all the warning: China is poised to become the primary. It becomes more important every year, even every month — and who recognizes his position vassal lord of the future right now, he can win tomorrow.


We must correctly and clearly convey to the world the idea of the ordinary: China will certainly achieve prosperity, and no obstacles will not stop us. "

And this statement — especially for American and land of the rising sun. If the first was going to worsen in the Asia-Pacific region against the will of the PRC, the second still can not calm down with the Chinese island of eternity, who mistakenly calls the Senkaku.

"Faced with this step by any international disputes, we must firmly keep in mind two words:" the situation "and" measure. "

So. See, like "situation" has not reached our "action."

And finally: "We should think about that in each particular case profitable for us and our business — and work exclusively in this area and if we will need to take positive action — to do so without delay. In the difficult international conflicts should be consumed power so to win the enemy with minimal losses. "

In other words, the Chinese are going to win even without losses. In the latter case, with the least losses: people are willing to lose, but the islands — for anything.

And then the article creator, like the demoniac Vladimir Ilyich, launches into a cry: "And if any country, despite the deal with China and bilateral regional cooperation, will want to re-raise any dispute, we have both strength and the will and the means to face with the forces of the government at any level and in at least some area. In politics, diplomacy, law, economics, resources or military power — will still win for China. "

"The whole of the Social-Democratic literature should become the party …"

II. Growth and waiting is

Mr. Arvind Subramanian, of the Institute of International Economics Peterson believes that China GDP has surpassed the United States as an economic power in the world naikrupneyshey. Global Bank and the IMF are thinking a little differently, placing China to the championship a couple of years. In any case, no one disputes the fact that China has the second largest economy in the world and the second largest military budget, seeking to become the first.

If so, then the United States must take into account the likely military threat of China.

In early January 2012, Barack Obama said that the economical cuts in military spending does not affect the country's ability to withstand konkurentnst U.S. strategic adversaries. Quote:
"Among the strategic enemy of the United States Obama singled out Iran and China. Concerning the last president saw that in the long term, Beijing will have an increasing impact on the economy and the scope of the U.S. military. " But the words of the Republicans in control of the Parliamentary Committee on Armed Buck McKeon, has criticized Obama's programs from cuts in military spending, "President should to realize that the world has always been, is and will be a favorite. As America steps back, someone else is going to come. " Of course, by the first of the "someone" was supposed to specifically China.

In general, the Yankees should not blame China's total hostility. Huge share of war hysteria generate U.S. itself: after all, the growth of tension in the relationship of America and China due including the adoption of January 3, 2012 in Washington, DC strategic document: «Sustaining US Global Leadership: Priorities for 21st Century Defense». The strategy states that the strengthening of China in the long run can affect the economy and security of the United States. The main points in the received U.S. military strategy is to reduce the number of U.S. military forces in the simultaneous concentration of budget resources for the development of satellites and unmanned aircraft. The strategy also involves refocusing resources on the APR.

So, the Obama administration, reducing military spending, did not allow them to reduce the APR on strategic strip. The aim is viewed obvious: China.

The analyst Ilya Kramnik believes that "realignment of American military power toward the Asia-Pacific region" — yavna. This, in his opinion, should be conducted on the deployment of U.S. forces against China.

"The most vividly — writes journalist — this is reflected in a plan to strengthen the U.S. Navy in the Pacific and the creation of the US-Japanese missile defense system that is obvious in the region, though not declared, anti-Chinese direction."

As part of the South American fleet — 11 aircraft carriers and 10 carrier battle groups. The sea can immediately active duty less than 6 aircraft carrier battle groups. Any carrier battle group to the military service is the foundation of military power of the 1st operational fleet of the U.S. Navy. Now they include five fleets deployed, of which the seventh is currently in the Western Pacific and East Indian, in other words, where there may be a confrontation with China. And if the first by force is now the fifth operational fleet (in force in the Persian Gulf), the Seventh is the second. And possible opponent Seventh Fleet listed navy People's Liberation Army of China.

I. Kramnik believes that another important element of U.S. military strategy in the Asia-Pacific region is the deployment of a joint US-Japanese missile defense systems in the Far East. Officially, it is targeted against the DPRK, but to neutralize the weak little nuclear missile potential of this country sverhizbytochna system. Our homeland? No, because in its features, this system even in the long term is not sufficient to neutralize the nuclear potential of the Russian Federation to the east. Because a possible target for the South American anti-missile shield in the Far East is China, which is located a few dozen not the most advanced intercontinental ballistic missiles. The analyst recalls:

"… Strategic nuclear potential of China-based, unlike the Russian or South American, not on the principle of mutual assured destruction, but on the principle of guaranteed unacceptable harm foresaw the deployment of a small number of missiles. Now, in the criteria for the deployment of missile defense systems in the Far East, the Chinese strategy stops working. "

But China, which has so far converted from a Russian "Varyag", "Liaoning", is going in the coming two years, the 10-ka to adopt more than three aircraft carriers. As for nuclear weapons, the Chinese currently have the latest missile with multiple warheads.

In general, China is not tired to declare their own peaceful intentions — even occasionally breaking into a scream.

James Holmes of the Japanese edition of "Diplomat", the creator of a very cautious article on possible rivalry between China and the United States, believes that protect against the war, both China and the United States would help "the manifestation of common sense." Beijing creator recommends not to succumb to provocations, which, as it can be considered an updated U.S. defense doctrine.

The fact that the "mind games" China profitable:

"Time spent on internal debate time to work on China in any event on the Asian coast of the sea. Disputes delay the movement of military forces and resources of the USA, and this postponement may be rather long, so that the People's Liberation Army of China have gained their own goals even before they arrive main South American power. They will be a fait accompli. Even better (for the views of Beijing), the United States could simply step aside, considering the purpose of the enterprise itself is very vague and abstract, the possible strategic benefits are very insignificant, does not justify the costs and risks inherent fighting against great fellow. "

In addition, we would add, to China to work and time. U.S. reduces bandwidth costs by the Pentagon, and plan to reduce them as much as 10 more years. By contrast, China's defense spending increases. After a couple of years, China may get a "first violin" of the global economy and the right to establish leadership in spending on the military.

At one time the British fleet was the pride of the empire, but how many is left of it? United States, a country with a 16-trillion-dollar debt, will also come to a crisis in the armed forces and navy, too. It is here that the time will come to China to declare their global superiority — but the military slogans no longer needed. It is only necessary to wait for the year 2025 — the year in America, bankrupt both economically and politically, saying that in the Lord, as it foreshadows Patrick "Pat" Buchanan.

In the meantime, China is quite the same harry Japan, South American ally, popular protest, peaceful throwing plastic bottles at Japanese cars (even goes to "Honda", which in China travels the police). Two months already falling sales in China, "Toyota", "Mazda", "Nissans" and so on. All this is possible will be much more meaningful "measure", which allows to influence the "situation" in the Asia-Pacific region, if clanging instrument.

Summary: China, eastern Stealther animal, will wait and defend "peaceful means" of the island, and not climb directly to unleash war. As for the military forces, it would, as before, will only be on display. Add to this information bravado, the standard of which was shown first article — and you get the terms of the new foreign policy of China.

Surveyed and commented Oleg Chuvakin
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