China officially issued photo based fighter J-15 Flying Shark

China officially published photos of carrier-based fighter J-15 Flying Shark

The new carrier-based fighter J-15 Flying Shark ("Flying Shark") to equip folding wing, shortened tail wheel and reinforced chassis. It is understood that the aircraft of this type will be based on the first Chinese aircraft carrier Shi Lang, driving tests which could begin in late. The aircraft carrier and carrier-based aircraft are absolute evidence of the growing military potential of China.

It is believed that the carrier-based fighter has been created with the use of Russian and Ukrainian military technology, and not always with their consent. In less than 2-weeks after the official publications of the Chinese aircraft carrier photo as municipal media in Sun released the first photos of the huge J-15 Flying Shark.

China officially published photos of carrier-based fighter J-15 Flying Shark

"The publication of the official photos can be seen as a weakening of the military censorship disk imaging in China," — says the editor of the magazine Modern Ships Beijing Yong Lan (Lan Yun).

Did plane already passed factory tests and the currently undergoing flight tests at the center of aviation in Yunlyane nearby town of Xian. Chinese analysts report to the blogs and forums, that the Chinese aircraft to equip the best technologies, namely, holographic screen, advanced anti-ship missiles.

The report includes some information on the history of aircraft development. In 90 years China begged Russia to implement the Su-33, but Moscow has refused. But in 2001, was acquired by the layout of the Su-33 in Ukraine for the study of technology. The Russian was angry. In 2010, during the international aerospace show in Farnborough, head of the holding company "Sukhoi" Mikhail Pogosyan, acknowledged that China has made a copy of the Su-33, but the Chinese have no technical skills, which are at Russia. "A copy is always worse than the original" — he saw.

But submitted this week J-15 Flying Shark just outside it looks like the Su-33, in fact it will equip an abundance of Chinese technology. Lan Yun said Chinese Russian plane is much greater than the original, which has an old avionics and missile guidance systems.

Independent expert on the Chinese military Denmark Abraham (Abraham Denmark) said that "the Chinese people take what they can get, and ennoble what they can do better. This strategy permeates many of their innovations. "

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