China on the path of modernization and the creation of a modern army

China on the path of modernization and the creation of a modern army

China's management is confident that a strong government can not exist without a strong and armed with modern guns army. As has become clear in recent years has 2.3 million Chinese army soldier will receive not only a lot of money, and modern, including offensive weapons of the new third generation. Taking this into account, will be put in front of them promising and ambitious tasks to achieve in almost all regions of the world protect the interests of increasing the second largest and the first in the rate of growth of the economy and global trade in terms of power.

The earlier concept of people's war and its constituent national militia, which provided for the protection of China's unwavering anger, as well as ensuring the safety of its interior territories, waters and territorial waters, are now obsolete and do not meet modern requirements. At present, for doing networking and digital fighting to the presence of perfectly cooked ground forces, modern air and naval forces, and gallakticheskie own satellite positioning system in the area, and all this in order to "protect maritime rights and interests of China, the interests of ensure its security in outer space, in cyberspace and in the electric space. " All of this is foreseen in the expanded definition of national defense, which is contained in the famous Chinese snow-white book. In full agreement with this also defines the tasks of the armed forces of the country and not only during disasters, but also in the political sphere. Modern armed forces of China, according to the management plan of the country, should be the basis in the fight against terrorism, sabotage and subversive activities, to protect the "social stability and harmony" and wage a constant struggle against the "independence" of Tibet and Taiwan, also against the separatists, who are calling for the creation of "Eastern Turkistan".

Regular, already the seventh edition coming out with a frequency of once every two years, the famous snow-white book was posted on Thursday, two weeks after the approval of Chinese parliament representatives nation-wide cost increases defense budget by 12.7%, accounting for 601 billion yuan (about 66 billion euros). According to their absolute numbers today this military Budget second in the world and is ahead by 4.7% economic growth in China, scheduled for 2011, which should be 8%. Together with the fact Snow White book this increase in cost calls "reasonable and appropriate" to which the neighboring states China respond to its increasing military budgets. The third part of the designated amount will be spent on personnel, the second third of the teaching staff and one third of the purchase of modern weapons. The cost of the third part, which includes the system sverhtehnologichny tools that will constantly grow "significantly spirited pace." Beijing also anticipates additional costs of maintaining large-scale UN missions, as well as the fight against pirates. As you know, the naval forces of China took an active role in the confrontation with pirates off the coast of Somalia. In carrying out these tasks, the country received invaluable international experience in conducting security operations in the world's oceans. Since December 2010, the naval units in China, consisting of 18 warships, seven times sent to a designated area and ensure non-hazardous escorting 3,139 merchant ships.

The fact that is happening in North Africa and the Middle East, you can direct your attention to the growing global activity of China. Against the background of the events are also visible it broadly exposed and subject to the protection of state interests in the supply of raw materials and energy supplies, and the construction of modern industrial facilities, transport infrastructure and port facilities. Beijing was required to ensure the evacuation of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, several thousand of their own people. Beijing has also organized one of the largest in its history and maritime air bridge with Libya, a role in which for the first time played a significant role naval forces. Thanks to all the measures taken, from Libya were evacuated 35,800 people, mostly it was the Chinese who worked in the African country under the contract. Taking into account the fact that the fighting in Libya, there are acts that China was obliged to cancel their planned investments and orders, the amount of which exceeds 20 billion dollars.

According to the international organization Heritage Foundation, in December 2010, the volume of Chinese monetary and industrial role in the Arab world is estimated at $ 37 billion dollars in Africa — 43 billion dollars in West Asia — 45 billion dollars in Asia — 36 billion dollars in the Pacific region — 61 billion and in Europe — 34 billion dollars. Of course, the protection of these impressive in terms of investment and trade routes in different crisis situations — is also task included in the scope of national defense.

The main difference between the latest snow-white books from past editions is that China draws the ugly picture of the current situation in the context of security. It points to the intense growth of the "international military competition", also applies to the global strategic areas such as cyberspace, space and polar regions. But in general, the overall situation in the Asia-Pacific region today is measured, and, taking this into account, "security issues are more variable and complicated." In respect of "regional tensions real prospects resolve these conflicts now not seen" — from the adjacent North Korea to Afghanistan. "Separatist, extremist and arising as a continuation of terrorist acts are becoming more global." In a white book quite openly speaks of the existing dilemmas in relations with the United States, which in recent years "reinforce its military and regional alliances and intervene in specific regional security issues" in the Asia-Pacific region.

China on the path of modernization and the creation of a modern army

Taking these facts into account, China is bound to increase their armaments. "Modern aircraft types, huge support ships, submarines and frigates have already been taken into service." At a press conference organized by the submission of a snow-white books, the official dealer of the Ministry of Defence confirmed that a military weapon developed the third generation. The white-book provided for educational purposes and some hidden data — among them information about what the naval forces of the country into three completely-independent operating fleet in the South, the North and the East, and the Air Force PLA contain seven individual compounds in the military area of Guangdong, Lanzhou, Beijing, Nanjing, Shenyang, Chengdu and Tszynan. Defense Ministry official dealer evaded a direct answer to the question of whether it would be built in China's aircraft carrier and which image of the designated type of weapons fit into the concept of the country's defense. In the snow-white books, which
is dedicated to the naval forces, there is information about the "new techniques and methods of logistics support long sea operations," as the "logistics of surface platforms," as evidenced by the technical description resembles an aircraft carrier.

Despite the fact that China is in a new edition of the snow-white book does not hide its own military muscle, yet he is trying to relieve anxiety, which, of course, will appear at the nearest neighbors and the world at large, with separate fundamentally clarification. So, for the first time ever edition of books in the modern crisp white is a chapter that is specifically dedicated to "the implementation of a specific military confidence-building measures." These assurances, of course, is a zeal to dispel fear, appearing in the international community as to what the likelihood of subsequent steps China can become "modern defense", which will be able to ensure the security of military bases located outside of the area China.

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