China opposed the introduction of the one-sided U.S. sanctions against Iran

By RIA "Novosti", posted a statement made by the representative of the PRC Foreign Ministry Hong Lei. In it, he denounced the sanctions that were imposed U.S. against financial institutions, leading collaboration with the Central Bank Iran. Namely, it is noted that China adversary that national legislation prevailed over those of existing international law and the lopsided introduction sanctions against another country is unacceptable.

January 1 this year, there was a message on the adoption of the bill by the U.S. Congress of the Pentagon's budget for 2012 money year in which the amendment is to impose sanctions against the country are on the U.S. financial institutions of other states pursuing cooperation with the Central Bank of Iran. This amendment allows the U.S. president to announce the introduction of sanctions in case of necessity.

Western countries accused against Iran. Namely, there is speculation about the development of their own nuclear weapons under the cover of peaceful uses of the atom. But Tehran rejected the accusations. Authorities Iran argue that the existing nuclear programm is intended only to produce their own energy sources. But there is a report of the international agency Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), placed in November 2011. It noted that the Islamic republic until 2003 were works that anticipate the development of nuclear weapons. Does not exclude the possibility of continuation of similar activities in the future. November 18th Board of Governors adopted a resolution that called for Tehran to grant access to nuclear sites for professionals and agencies such makarom intensify cooperation between the Agency and Iran.

Immediately after the IAEA adopted a resolution in respect of Iran were expanded sanctions by the U.S., EU and other countries.

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