China plans to keep control of all aquatic place

China plans to control all the water spaceAll the Chinese media was taken by appeal to the management of the Navy of China from the Chinese President, Hu Jintao. The appeal said about the "readiness for armed struggle." This declaration was announced at yesterday's meeting of the president and senior military control of the country.

The appeal Hu Jintao sought to speed up the applets to improve the modernization and strengthening of national security and to prepare for war probability. International experts have noted that the statement about all the support has increased every day or military ambitions of China. Experts pointed out: "The pace of the modernization of the Chinese Navy's growing every day or getting stronger." China is not even that soothes fact, that only recently was purchased first aircraft carrier.

Given fact concerned about their presence because of a meeting of official representatives of China and the United States, which is planned for the coming future. During the call, will be touched upon in the section on the impact areas in the South China Sea. China plans in the not to distant future to expand its presence in the region, without looking at the fact, that Chinese navy many items at a significantly inferior to the South American fleet.

But analysts believe that China does not want to interfere in the near future, with the United States. Most likely, anger spread to China were around the country — the Philippines and Vietnam, which are competitors in the South China Sea.

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